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SHS Meeting Minutes 59



23 Carters Close Sherington, 27th June 2005

Present: Norman, Mark, Kay.

Apologies: Pearl, Sheila

The Previous meeting minutes were read and approved and there were no matters arising.

Chairman's Report:

Scarecrow Competition – 47 scarecrows entered. Winning entry for the adults was Betty Feasey, Runner up Peter Soul. Lily Smith won the child’s entry, with Joshua and Sam Brister second, every child who entered will get a highly commended certificate. Certificates will be presented in A5 frames acquired by Philip from the Willen Hospice warehouse at a cost of 20p each. Betty will be presented with what turns out to be the old cricket trophy a ram’s horn mounted on a wooden plaque, at a later date It has been suggested that the winners could judge next year’s scarecrows.

Meantime for August: - This will feature information about winners of the scarecrow competition and the Fete Quiz. This is delivered only to Sherington residence. So 400 need to be printed.

1st October Open Day S.H.S in VH: - Norman would like to display pictures of the scarecrows. Also to see if Caroline is willing to display some of her Sherington watercolours. Along with all the other usual SHS archive material

S.H.S Fete Quiz: - To date only one completed quiz entry has been returned. Alan Paul, 12, Hill View entered this. It was agreed to hold for a couple of days to see if there were any more returned. (No more have been returned 4.7.2005)

Cannon Margaret Sedgwick: - Margaret did talk to Norman at length, at the Fete. Also Margaret E-mailed Norman Sunday evening thanking him for the information he provided and congratulating all concerned on the quality of our stand and the fete in general. At the Fete she purchased some notelets and accepted the photocopyiing that she requested (The Olney News, from Caroline Ellis)

Sherington Place: - Jackie Gadsby spoke to Norman about the deeds to Sherington Place. They are in her possession. We all agreed that it was not a good idea for them to be sold on ebay and ideally they should be returned to the present owners of the property, to stay with the property and in the village.

Next meeting: - A ‘Stagger around Sherington’. Philip will be asked to help arrange this. Weather permitting meet at the VH car park 7.30pm.and return at about 9pm, for refreshments provided by SHS.

E-bay purchases: - Norman showed Mark the two items purchased on ebay. The sales brochure for Far Farm, pastureland and cottages dated 1876, and also the old postcard of Newport Road, Sherington, looking north, dated circa 1910.

Photographs from Sherington Parish Council: - Wendy Austyn clerk to the Parish Council has given SHS several packets of photos of views taken around the village possibly between 1986 – 1996. Taken, we think for the village appraisal project.

Equipment: - Norman suggested it would be a good idea to keep a record of display board sizes and quantities and other useful items, and information, that we use for putting on exhibitions, to be used for future reference. The duvet covers we purchased from Wake up to Partnership were very successful but do need to be hemmed.

Secretary's Report:

Nothing to report from Sheila or Kay

Treasurers Report

Pearl sent her apologies

Web site update - Since the Fete on Saturday 25th June 2005, Ian has been busy updating the Fete web site with the many photos he took on the day. Scarecrows and the fete in general are all well featured.

E mail: - Mk Heritage has been invited to visit the new art exhibition at MK Hospital. Mark will advise us of the date. (Too late for any of us to attend this function.)


Stockwood Park - Mark will provide us with pictures of the dioramas which he saw while he was there. Thought to be of a view of Church road. Tom Ivester Lloyd would have made this.

Voice recorder: - Norman and Oliver did investigate the purchase of a small digital voice recorder. The model decided upon was out of stock, still under consideration. Norman did find an Olympus tape voice recorder at a car boot at only £1 this can be used in the meantime.

Fete Quiz: - Only one entry was returned, out of the 35 approx. sheets sold, and the 836 sheets printed. This needs to be noted for the future and addressed.

The meeting closed at 10 pm With thanks to Kay and Ollie for their hospitality.

KT and NA


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