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SHS Meeting Minutes 6


Sherington Historical Society,

A brief summary of the meeting held at Knoll Cottage at 8-00pm, on Wed. 14th June 2000,

Those present were Mark & Helen Vale,

Norman & Anita Arnold,

Enid Pepper

Apologies were received from

Gail Waters

Sheila & Jesse Line

Sheila Quinn.

Norman gave a brief report on the Church Fete, which appeared to have been a great success as far as SHS was concerned. Very great interest was expressed in the old photos & newspaper cuttings, that were displayed, the ones that aroused most interest had pictures of events that had villagers photos on them. Also there was a lot of interest in the old censuses & also our archive files.

Sheila, Gail & Norman were kept very busy for the 3 hours that the fete was in progress.

Thanks were expressed to Jackie Inskip for the loan of the costumes from the 1978/9 panto, along with photos from the newspaper of the time & some still photos.

Sheila Quinn has volunteered to write a paragraph each month for the ‘Scan’.

We have received copies of house conveyance documents from No 24 Water Lane, & No 1, The Knoll. Also house floor plans from No. 2 School Lane. The buildings book is the fastest growing archive now.

Norman has undertaken to distribute leaflets for the Millennium Committee to half of the High St. & all of School Lane. This in return for a copy of the photos of ALL the village people who take part in the Village 2000 photo album. Norman will also take some of the photos. The areas that he has covered with the leaflet drop.

The next event that we can take part in, will be the Bowls Club millennium show, which is on October 7th.

It was suggested that if Philip Smith & Peter Gardner host another ‘Bygones Evening’ we may be able to take part in the evenings entertainment. Share some of the setting up work etc.

Copies of the field name maps, from Chibnalls book have been obtained, these are available for your inspection, dated C,1300 & C,1500, they do make interesting viewing.

A whole pack of village photos have been donated by Rene Rickett, these were taken by the late Ernie Rickett, who was a well known taker of photos around the village. About 30 of these have been put into various places in our archives, the rest returned wit our thanks. Also another quantity have been loaned to us for copying, from John Cook, & are being processed.

The rest of the evening was taken up with general discussion.

Thanks were given to Helen & Mark for their hospitality.

The meeting ended at 9-30pm & the next meeting will be on Wed. 12th July at 8-00pm at Knoll Cottage.

Norman Arnold


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