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SHS Meeting Minutes 63



33 Crofts End, 7.30pm 31th October 2005

Present: Norman, Mark, Pearl and Kay.

Apologies: Sheila

The minutes of the last meeting were approved, and there were no matters arising.

Chairman's Report:

Norman opened the meeting by stating how pleased he was that the Open Day 1st October at the Village Hall had been a great success. Visitors included members of the Line family from Castlethorpe, who came in through the door prompt at 12noon. Carol Hewson with connections to the Ivester- Lloyds family and Dave Clarke who came all the way from Kent to find out more about his father who was a P.O.W in Sherington. The hall was busy for most of the afternoon with villagers and visitors. The raffle went well and the five winning tickets were sold to Pearl Teasdale, Eileen West, Valerie Hargreaves, Carol Hewson and Andy Kitchen. Takings, due to sales of notelets, booklets, photos, raffle tickets etc was £108.80. Donations for refreshments came to £21-09 and a very kind donation from Caroline of £10-00 from her sales.

Film Show 11th October - Norman stated that the attendance was a little disappointing, just 14 people in the audience including 10 members.. For those who did turn up the film took them back to 1982 to see a well organised charity bike ride from Sherington, Bucks. to Sherrington, Wilts and back again. It was decided by the committee that for future film shows more advertising should be done and not to show another for some time. There was however a very good article and photo in the SCAN for people to read.

Christmas Bazaar - 25th November – Sheila Line has offered to sell Christmas cards and society merchandise. The designs prepared by Norman were circulated and comments included, the inside lettering too large, so this would be reduced. The detail of the holly on Caroline’s snowy scene of Sherington was thought by some to be not in keeping with the delicate watercolour, so it was agreed to ask Caroline to design a more subtle detail for the right hand corner. Regarding size both notelet size (approx A6) and some A5. Cards need to ready for the Bazaar on the 25th Nov. Note: Mark to book a table with Ella (Kay has spoken to J.Osgood 5th Nov)

Computer in VH office - Norman discussed the possibility of using a computer in the VH office on a more permanent basis. With all the indexing and work required to keep our ever growing archive up to date it makes more sense to try to enlarge the capacity of the computer, upgrade whatever it takes to allow the society archive to grow. Norman and Mark discussed various options and suggested costs. Norman said he would speak to J. Cook about the idea of using the computer in the office more permanently taking into consideration insurance and security.

The photocopier is still usable, Norman replaced the toner cartridge. There is also an A 3 scanner available to the society if required from Kay’s brother.

Scan Article - for December it will be information on Paul Mann the artist and his life in Sherington.

Secretary's Report:

The Community raffle tickets have been collected and will be made ready for distribution at the next general meeting on the 8th November. Members will be asked to sign for what they take, all monies and unsold tickets need to be back to Kay by first week in January so that the money can be banked and ticket stubs returned to the Community Foundation. Their deadline Closing date 13th Jan.

MK INSPIRE - (re the questionnaire received) Kay posted off their duly answered questionnaire. We received an invite for 4th November to attend the launch of Milton Keynes Inspire 4th Nov 12 noon at OU. Kay to reply, no one able to attend.

Members Christmas Meal - Kay circulated the menu from the Chester Arms and it looked promising, however we need to view what is on offer from the Swan before we decide, for definite. Members to be asked on Tuesday 8th Nov. Date of the meal 24th Jan 2006.

Treasurers Report

Pearl produced a statement of the accounts.

GIRO account - Pearl has still had problems sorting out an account for the society. An account held at the PO has to be accessed through the Internet site, but it would appear it does not have a section for clubs and societies. Kay to ask Katie Hayes for advice.

A £50-00 donation had been sent to the SCAN magazine and has been acknowledged by the Editor Mrs Betty Feasy.

Web site - There has been no correspondence from Ian this month, other than we are still 2nd in the hits parade.

Correspondence/E mails

Kitchen’s ink - creative solutions involving communities. Mark gave Kay this questionnaire, relating to BUCCANEER – Buckinghamshire Community Archives Network Electronic Resource Feasibility study. The questionnaire asks for information relating to the society and what it holds in its archive. Kay to fill in and post.
Norman suggested it could be a good idea to have an address book for the committee’s use.

E mails: - 1 received via Mark
The E-mail we received in September re St Laud at Maybe, Cornwall. From Martin who tells us more information about their church St Laudus that is written in a book ‘The History of Maybe in the 1930’s’.


SHARC and YARA and the sponsored Bike Ride in 1982 T-shirts - Whilst filing some papers in the archive, pictures of people in T- shirts were noticed. It was suggested to put out a note in SCAN to see if anyone still has one in his or her possession.

Voice recorder - Norman is to continue looking. He has seen an Olympus digital recorder for £29.99 in John Lewis this could be suitable.

AGM MK Heritage – Mark reported on his visit to the AGM saying that their web site had received over one million hits.
That there was grant money available for projects in the community.
That they would invite a committee member from S.H.S to their meetings in future to see and hear what they were doing.
HUB explore is still ongoing and a feasibility study has been issued and awaiting report from the MK Council. It is to be a Heritage Visitors Centre not a Museum. Mark will pass on relevant information in the future.

Stockwell Park - A need to find out opening times for a visit. Caroline as an artist and member, has especially shown an interest in the dioramas – ( & Ivester-Lloyd connections)

The last point of the evening related to what would happen if the society were dissolved. As it is noted in the constitution it would be transferred to Sherington Parish Council. (The point was raised that there have been several changes of PC.)

The meeting was closed at 10.45pm. Pearl was thanked for her hospitality Next committee meeting; - Monday 28th November at Kay’s 23 Carters Close Next General members meeting S.V.H 8th November 8pm

******************* Stop Press Norman has received a cheque from the Fete Committee to the value of £612-89. The covering letter thanked us for our taking part on the day, also saying it was a pity that the quiz had not been better organised by the fete committee.*****************************************************
Kay to write a letter of thanks to Sue Herbert and the Fete Committee.

KT and NA


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