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SHS Meeting Minutes 65



23 Carters Close Sherington, 9th January 2006

Present: Norman, Mark and Kay.

Apologies: Sheila and Pearl

The minutes of the previous were approved with a single change under the “Treasurers report” with reference to the insurance. It should have read, “Pearl received an invoice”. Not “Pearl received a letter”.

Matters Arising: Speakers for the next programme still have to be finalised. Mark will speak with Neil Louden and Norman will contact Joy Green.

Chairman's Report:

Norman welcomed everyone present and wished them a Happy New Year.

Christmas cards - He stated that the Christmas cards went well. The two watercolour pictures by Caroline Leslie made excellent cards, one of Virginia House Stores and the other of Church End both depicting children playing in the snow.
In all about 325 cards were made this included other pictures, (The Four Seasons by C Leslie, the Village Embroidery and an actual photo of The Knoll with snow.) There are possibly 10 packets of cards left in the shop. Sheila Line sold cards etc at the Christmas Bazaar and took £52.40. Takings at the shop totalled £97.35. A percentage needs to go to the shop. Norman had to purchase plastic bags for wrapping and cartridges for the printer.

Thank you card - Norman suggested it might be a good idea to produce a thank you card for sale, Caroline said she would think about a design

New Computer - A new computer has been ordered, a join effort from Norman, Mark and Ollie from Counter Act Systems of Warrington, Bucks. It has an external hard drive 160 GBs, 2 internal drives 200 GBs each, for data protection, 1GB ram, card reader, and floppy disc, fire wire – allowing a video camera, digital camera and speakers to be used. There is no new monitor or modem. The cost of external hard drive £92 plus £574.44 = £666.44. Norman will inquire about a printer at the same time. These items to be purchased on Norman’s credit card (as Pearl is unwell and unable to go to the bank) some time this week.

Dates for meetings - the dates for the general meetings and committee meeting have been set.

SCAN - the Scan article for February should be a building so it was decided it should be the village hall.

Subs - These are due £9 a couple and £5 for a single membership. Gillian, Howard and Ray have all forwarded their subs, prior to the meeting.

Address Book - Addresses of contact names have been put in the index book and we will endeavour to keep this up to date.

Sherington Place Documents: - These are very interesting social documents that hold a wealth of information about the previous owners of the property, the surrounding land, people and buildings. Colin Davis recommends that the society should try to buy these documents should they come up for sale. These documents would however have to be stored correctly as heat, humidity and cold could harm them. The best place for storage locally would be at Aylesbury Record Office where documents of historical importance are kept in the correct environment.

The Future of the Society – Since the society started the archive has grown much quicker than was ever was imagined. It will outgrow its present position in the office of the village hall, where it shares space with the Parish Council, the Bowls Club and Pre-School also any other village hall user group.. Looking ahead 10 years it would be sensible to suggest a separate building solely for the society, like a reading room where the archive could be accessed. This is an issue that needs to be discussed with all members that are not here tonight and this possibly needs to be our ten year goal.

CD’s Video’s DVD’s - We are accumulating a large quantity of information in different formats and we do need to store these correctly and safely, possibly in a fire proof safe, or cabinet, which could cost £500 or more. The enclosure maps, original prints by Edith Lucas and the school log books need to be safely stored. Norman also aired his concerns about some CD’s that appear to have small cracks from the centre hole, they have been copied. A suitable cupboard needs to be found.

Secretary's Report:

MK Community Raffle - the society has received a questionnaire from the MK community raffle organisers. It has been completed and returned just stating that we took part in ticket sales this year but didn’t use the Central MK selling area adjacent to M&S. Kay banked the £60 that was taken on tickets and the raffle ticket stubs have been returned.

The Society meal on 24th January – The Chester Arms is booked, 20 members have ordered a meal.

Treasurers Report

Pearl is absent from the meeting. Get well soon. The mandate is still awaiting signatures and the fete cheque still needs to be banked. Pearl is aware that a computer is about to be purchased as discussed at a previous meeting.

Web site - Ian Collinge has not passed on any figures for the hits on our web site but did E mail Norman with a couple of interesting Web sites: and
Norman asked Mark if he could make a copy of all the listed buildings in Sherington that are featured on this web site, there are 32 in all. (For use in our next show) One of which is the red telephone box on the Knoll, and is grade two listed.

Correspondence/E mails - Got in touch to thank us for the information about her husbands great great grandfather. subject the Line Family – Grandmother Ella Melinda Line – her parents Robert Line and Annie Huckle.


A Walk Around Sherington – Mark would like reminding about the book in March

Insurance – With the purchase of the computer the village hall needs informing for insurance purposes. Mark to tell Helen.

SCAN pre 1991 - With the imminent departure of the rector Mark was interested to know who wrote the Scan article in the absence of a rector. We could check the SCAN’s back to 1991.

The meeting closed at 10pm Next general meeting 10th January SVH Next committee meeting 30th January 06 at Kay’s

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8th January 2007


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