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SHS Meeting Minutes 66



23 Carters Close Sherington, 30th January 2006

Present: Norman, Pearl and Kay.

Apologies: Sheila and Mark

The minutes of the previous meeting were signed & approved.

Matters Arising: Joy Green (speaker) has been contacted by Norman, but she is unable to speak at a one of our meetings this year. Norman will E mail her again to see if we can book her for next year.

Chairman's Report:

Computer and scanner: - Norman reported that he is very pleased with the new computer and DX 3800 printer even though the Epson installation instructions were a little vague. He has researched the cost of ink for the printer in John Lewis, at various other suppliers and at the computer fair in the Bletchley leisure centre. Norman has started installing information on to the computer. The archive files which we hold in the office, will have folders and sub folders listed on the computer with the same names.

Norman has started to index information held within the filing cabinets A,B and C. The DX 3800 scanner will enable us to copy material up to A4 size in balack & white and in colour. An A3 scanner that is available may be of some use, but Oliver must see if it is compatible with the PC. At present the photocopier is out of use due to the paper feed not working. We either need to try to repair in house or get an engineer out.

Long Term future of Society: - Norman has had a little feedback from the newsletter he circulated last month with the long term plan for the society. Members who have viewed their opinions think it is a good idea. Norman suggested that with Pearl's experience when clerk to the P.C., she might help Kay draft a letter to MK planning office out lining our longer term plans for the society and our thoughts about having some sort of building within the village vicinity for housing the S.H.S archives. Pearl also suggested that she could speak with Pat Seymour. Norman also stated that he had spoken with Peter Gardener about acquiring land and also he thought it a project that one of the members should take on, to research the possibility of obtaining grants or lottery money for this project, and to look at it as a 10 to 15 year plan.

SCAN: - The subject for SCAN for March should be about a person and it was decided to research May Tathan or Maudy Minney.

Speakers: - Lesley Williams and Ray Bailey will be speakers during our next year programme. Norman would like to finalise the programme ASAP and issue it to the members.

Stockwood Park: - After circulating the information from Stockwood Park Norman asked if Kay could find out what might be their special events during Sundays in May.

Sherington Place: - The society has these documents now on permanent loan. For their reasonable safe keeping they will be stored in the office in the metal box that houses the documents of “A Walk Around Sherington”.

Secretary's Report:

Cheque from 2005 Fete Committee - A letter has been sent to the Sherington Fete Committee informing them that our cheque has been put towards the purchase of our computer upgrade, including a new combined printer and scanner and removable hard disc.

Invitation: - An invitation has been sent to the North Crawley and Emberton Historical Societies to join us at our February meeting on 14th February in the Village Hall.

Stockwood Park: - We have received a booklet and information outlining which exhibits are on show, however the special events only go as far as April. Norman has asked for events In May. Kay to contact and find out.

Letter to Sherington Parish Council and MK Planning: - As the society is thinking ahead long term it was decided to write a letter to outline the possibility of having our own premises in the future. Pearl has said she will help draft a letter and will also talk to Pat Seymour.

Treasurers Report

A.G.M. accounts Pearl has produced a balance sheet for the A.G.M. ahead of time

Norman's expenses: These were settled by Pearl

Insurance: Pearl will write to the secretary of the Village Hall to make it clear about the insurance cover we may need for our new computer, scanner and furniture totalling £750.

Mandate: Sheila has now signed the mandate for the HSBC

We certified that the following resolutions were passed at the meeting of the ,Sherington Historical Society Committee. Held on the 30th January 2006, and have been entered in the minute book.
“ It was resolved and unanimously agreed that a current account for the society should be opened with the HSBC. Bank, Newport Pagnell Branch, as soon as possible.”
“It was also resolved that all 4(four) officers be signatories and that any 2 (two) of the 4 (four) sign cheques on behalf of the society.”

S.H.S Christmas Meal: Pearl thanked Kay for organising the meal at the Chester Arms, Chicheley, a good time was had by all.

Web site/lan Collinge - We are still currently in third position. The Olney web site has increased in hits significantly during the Christmas period.

Correspondence E mails - Lynda E mailed a photo of husband and wife Edwin Mapley and Hannah Smith. Lynda has made a note in her diary for our Open Day on 30'h September 2006.


Paul Mann Paintings: Mark has located the two lost paintings in the Church, In Marks absence no decision was made, but we should like to view them in the near future and possibly photograph them. It would be very nice to have them on show at our Open Day.

Fire proof Storage: Due to the acquiring of the Sherington Place documents it was discussed as a matter of importance the storage of such important material. As Norman stated in his January newsletter that it was never in the society's remit to hold original documents . However over the last few years SHS have acquired original documents, tapes, video and audio, discs with movies, data and still photos that need careful storage. The committee discussed the purchase of fire proof storage and due to the extreme cost Norman was going to ask a friend who regularly attends auctions to look out for a fire proof filing cabinet and notify him should one come up for sale. It was also suggested that Derek Ferris be approached as he some times runs auctions or may have contacts we can follow up.

Christmas Card sales: - It was decided to give the shop 25% of the Christmas card sales. Alan Simms was very happy with this.

Thank you card: We are still keen for Caroline to design a thank you card. Suggestions included children playing by the pump on The Knoll, or the play area.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm Next general meeting 14th February 2006 S.V.H Next committee meeting 27~ February 2006 at Pearl's



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