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SHS Meeting Minutes 67



23 Carters Close Sherington, 27th February 2006

Present: Norman, Pearl, Sheila Q and Kay.

Apologies: Mark

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved

Matters Arising There were no matters arising.

Chairman's Report:

Scan - As Norman has used quotes from the snippets folder for March it was decided that the April edition will run an article about roads and lanes.

Thank you cards: - Caroline has designed us some cards. Both depict children standing at the pump on the Knoll. We shall have to decide if they will be black and white or in colour or both.

Open Day: - Norman contacted Sally & Nicholas Mann regarding the Open Day 30th September. In turn Norman got to speak to Richard, Nicholas’s dad (Paul’s son) who agreed the idea of staging an exhibition of work by Paul Mann was a great idea. They all would like to come to the ‘Open Day’ and looked forward to meeting up in September. It was also discussed that displaying other artists work was a possibility and would be desirable.

AGM: - It was mentioned by Norman that a lady called Valerie Bates will visit the S.H.S AGM 14th March 06. A member of the West family she has made contact and said when she comes she will bring with her some pictures by Crump. Norman suggested we ask if we could borrow them to copy for our Artist file.

Speakers: - Philip Smith and Ro Smith had recently visited the Hanslope Historical Society. They were entertained by Jack and Joan Johnson who gave a talk on An English Village. It was suggested we keep their name on file for possible speaker in the future. Tel. 01604 761729. Whist on the subject of speakers Pearl suggested another name of a lady who had spoken at a Thursday Group meeting recently. Jean Billington who works at the Milton Keynes Museum

Photocopier: - For the present time it was agreed to use the school facilities to photocopy large amounts, at a cost of 1p per sheet A4 and 5p per sheet A3, providing we use our own paper. Norman had found a company in Bletchley that refills cartridges for photo copiers (Cartridge City) should we need more in the future.

Ink cartridges: - Lord of Deals 0167253900 Norman has found these very competitive on price £30 for ten cartridges. Tone Zone Ltd is the name of a company that Pearl has used, she finds them very reliable and good delivery 0870 8001800.

Programme for 2006: - There were two typing errors the AGM is the 14th March not the 8th March and the Christmas Party is on the 12th December not the 13th member have been corrected by newsletter.

General Meeting: - Norman stated that the minutes taken at the General meetings were useful as they sometimes caught interesting snippets that did not arise at the committee meetings and in future these minutes would be retained.

Photos: - Norman showed us two photos one of the bowls Club and the other a Sherington School group photo for 2005 as there were still a few names missing. Kay took the school picture to ask at School.

Correspondence/E mails - : . From Richard Mann.One Acre Mill Lane, Hulcote MK17 8BP This was the E mail reply to Norman regarding the Open Day 30th September. Howard E mailed to say he has a new E mail address.

Secretary's Report:

Kay phoned Stockwood Park to see if their ‘What’s on’ for May onwards had been published. They said they would forward one when available so that we could organise an outing to view the Ivester Lloyd dioramas.

78 Derngate: - Thursday Group has booked a trip for the 4th May. We need to wait to see if there will be any spare places for any of our member who may wish to go.

Letter re Future of SHS: Pearl and Kay still need to get together to draft letter to Pat Seymour, MK planning dept and parish council.

MK Community foundation: - MK Community foundation: Sheila Quinn had had two items of mail. The society had been invited to the awards ceremony for this year’s raffle, to be held on 8th March. Kay to send our apologies. The letter included a list of the winning raffle numbers. These will be displayed at the AGM. The second piece of mail was from The Public Sector Procurement from the Voluntary and Community Sector and Social Enterprise 21st March 06 – For any one interested in the provision of public services within MK.

Treasurers Report- Pearl produced a balance sheet; the accounts have been handed to Mark ready for auditing for the AGM.

Expenses: Norman’s expenses were settled, all the monies owing to him have been paid for the computer.

Membership: Pearl stated that there were still some outstanding memberships. Norman said he would chase these up. David Coe is moving away from Sherington so he has resigned. There are 29 members, 3 of whom have honourary memberships.

Web site: Norman has heard nothing from Ian Collinge.


PC Back-up: In Mark's absence we deferred discussion about the backup system.

A.G.M: Arrangements for the evening. Sheila has offered to get the wine, 6 of each, red and white. Pearl suggested we purchase the wine from Alan at Virginia House Stores. Sheila said she would enquire. Kay would be happy to get nibbles, cheese etc and make sure there was soft drinks and tea and coffee.

The meeting closed at 9.45pm with thanks to Pearl for her hospitality and refreshments. Next Committee meeting 27th March 06 A.G.M 14th March SVH.


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