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SHS Meeting Minutes 68



Sherington Village Hall, 14th March 2006

Present: Norman and Anita Arnold, Sheila Quinn, Mark Vale, Pearl Teasdale, Kay Turrell, Eileen West, Ella Field, Jess and Sheila Line, Phillip Smith, Brian Handsford, Enid and Edward Pepper, Caroline Leslie.

Visitor: Valerie Bates

Apologies: Gillian Nursaw-Smith, Gail Wood, Pat Quinn

Norman opened the meeting. Copies of the 2005 AGM were circulated. Norman asked if every one was satisfied that they were a true and accurate record. Mark Vale noticed under AOB it should have read
B) Because the film and slide shows have been so popular it was agreed to ask Peter Gardener and Philip Smith to show more this year.
Acceptance was proposed by Sheila Quinn, Seconded by Mark Vale, Carried

Chairman's Report:

A copy of the Chairmanís Report is attached which Norman read out. The following points were made:

a) We are now in our 7th Year; Mark spoke up and said we had better start planning for our 10th Year.

b) The quiz that we organised at the fete last June had not been well supported and Norman stated it was disappointing. Philip said that it was because that there was too much acivity going on for people to be interested in it. However the one and only entry by Alan Paul won him a free visit to Bletchley Park.

c) Norman said we shall be running another Scarecrow competition in June to coincide with the flower festival 24th and 25th.

d) Norman again thanked Anita for serving the refreshments over the past few years and she was presented with potted plant.

Treasurers Report

A copy of the accounts is attached to these minutes. Mark thanked Pearl for keeping the accounts in good order and her hard work. £2,328.51 is the balance carried forward.
Audited by Mr Mark Vale, Proposed by Ella Field, Seconded by Enid Pepper, Carried
Auditor for 2006: Name Mr Mark Vale, Proposed by Edward Pepper, Seconded by Oliver Powell

Secretary's Report:

Kay read out her prepared speech. A copy is attached.

Election of Officers

Nominations were invited. All members of the present committee were happy to stand again
Nominated by Philip Smith, Seconded by Anita Arnold, Carried


The members of the society have been invited to the Emberton Historical Society 26th April 06. Space is limited at their archive nearer the time we shall inquire how many of us can go. Norman circulated some photographs that Ella had given the society. One a picture of Sherington Place others of Field Close when the bungalows were being built and others of old building in that area.

Caroline has been busy designing a Thank you card for the society. It depicts children around the pump on the Knoll. Norman circulated a few ideas and it was decided to try and source some cream envelopes as the black line drawing on cream paper looked striking.

Kay asked Philip if he knew anything about the history of the pump. Philip went on to say he saw 5 men in yellow coats lifting a man hole cover near to the pump on the Knoll. They put a camera down. The pump didnít draw water from below but from a windmill that was situated in what is Jeremy Hineís Garden. The pump always made a grinding and groaning noise not something you wanted to hear at midnight. It was said that people rubbed lard and soap on it to stop it making such noises. On top of the pump used to be an iron ball but it was said that some gentlemen from Lathbury knocked it off and played ball with it on the Knoll.

Norman welcomed our visitor Valerie Bates. After Valerieís mother had died she found some pictures drawn by Crump. There were 3 pictures (one framed) all about A 3 in size. Valerie said they were all very fragile but she invited us to view them. The scenes drawn were all recognisable.
1 A view of what is now Virginia House Stores
2 A view of the field behind the shop then a field
3 A view of the High Street

Valerie said she would ask her daughter if she would be happy for the drawings to come into the societyís possession as they were once drawn in Sherington by J.A Crump. Valerieís mother was a member of the West Family.

Refreshments were served and the meeting closed at 10 pm


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