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SHS Meeting Minutes 7


Sherington Historical Society.

Minutes of the meeting held at Knoll Cottage on Wed. 12, July 2000.

Those present were:- Mark Vale Norman Arnold

Enid Pepper Sheila Line

Jesse Line Sheila Quinn

Anita Arnold Gail Water.

Helen Vale.

No apologies for absence.

Norman started the evening giving a resume of the meeting he & Mark attended the previous week. Namely MK Heritage Assc. See the attached notice about this. But all present agreed that this does seem to be a worthwhile organisation to belong to. Worth the (at present) fee of £5-00.

Norman showed the now up & running filing system, for the collected archives, this met with general approval. Lots of work still to be done, there

The first buildings file is now full, thanks to Gail for her latest contribution, of the conveyance docs, for No 2 The Knoll, from 1901 to the present time. It started then as 3 cottages, but is now just one.

Sheila Quinn, made available a catalogue of the sale by auction of the Tyringham estates, dated 1917. This covers several properties in Sherington. SHS now has a copy of this complete catalogue, which has a lot of photos attached.

Thanks to Helen Vale, lurid details of the ‘Shocking Sherington Murder’ were discovered lurking in the police museum, at Newport Pagnell. We now have almost a full story on this. Just a very few lines were unreadable on this. If anyone would like to read all the gory details, see Norman.

A number of Scans has been donated by Christine Bearman, Sheila Line has undertaken the job of filing these & keeping note of the copies still needed. The magazines themselves will be kept in our filing cabinet, archive.

Norman brought along 2 old hand written conveyance documents, nothing to do with Sherington, but lovely examples of yard square docs on parchment covered in writing from a more leisurely age. Clerks were paid by the square foot of writing.?

The village folk file has now started to grow, with millennium photos.

Enid had photo copied more of the Eileen West Bucks Standard scrapbooks, & is in the process of putting the articles in some sort of order. Enid has also made over to SHS more of the material that she gathered for her PC 100 exhibition, at the school.

4 members have expressed an interest in attending the Heritage Display course at Bletchley Park, on sat. Oct 14th.This should help our next presentation & displays. 4 places have been applied for.

A copy of the elector’s roll for 1972 is also available. This does give names & addresses in Sherington.

The rest of the evening was spent in general discussion & ended at 10 pm Thanks to Helen & Mark for hosting the meeting & tea & coffee etc.

The next meeting will be on Wed. Sept. 13th at Knoll Cottage.

Norman Arnold.


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