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SHS Meeting Minutes 71



Held at 24 School Lane, 5th June 2006

Present: Norman, Pearl, Sheila, Mark and Kay.

Apologies: None

The minutes of the previous meetings minutes (No. 70) were approved

Matters Arising: None as yet minutes will be reviewed before the next meeting.

Chairman's Report:

SCAN article for July/August, to include results of the Scarecrow competition. Information about our Open Day 30th Sept 06 Norman will include a small piece about the Open Day to include a note requesting that if anyone has work by local artists, would they loan to SHS for copying and display. Pearl, Sheila and Mark offered work by local artists including John Kitchen Snr and Jnr., Charles Stephens, Martin Williams, Helen Harrison. Other work by Crump, Paul Mann, Ivester-Lloyd, Edith Lucas and Caroline Leslie will be sourced from other places and people. Another idea for SCAN suggested by Sheila was write a piece about a house in Sherington which has a particular name. A cottage in school lane has just been renamed 'Laundry Cottage' It's possible we could offer help in naming properties with appropriate names depending on historical information. It was also suggested to ask Ian Collinge if he could write a small piece updating people with information about the web site including this in SCAN would let people know what we are about, as recently we have had a few visitors and people showing interest in the society.

Village Buildings: Our village buildings files are in need of an overhaul. Gail Wood has done a fantastic job organising the Village Affairs files and Norman suggested she may like to tackle the buildings next. Norman and Mark discussed at some length how we should best present the information. Problems arise when some buildings have masses of documents like deeds and other information that could take up a lot of the folders space. The idea of storing larger quantities of information in filing cabinets with a reference to it's location on the sheet in the folder, which would include a picture of the property seemed to be the best idea. Using a map of the village and listing roads as you go round on a tour of the village to build up a picture of all the properties. Norman said he had set out to achieve this when he first started to photograph and record in this way and of course this information could well need updating, now after 6 years. People have extended and changed their properties in the years that the society has been going. It was suggested that we should put a note in SCAN to say we should like to update our photos of properties in the village in case there were any objections.

St Laud's, Sherington First School, Thursday Group and Parish Council folders: These folders have been put in date order as much as possible, by Kay.

Sherington First School Admissions Book: - Norman has been busy transcribing this book. Sheila has also started to help. Norman commentated how much interesting information there was about the children who had once been at the school and how it related to the times and goings on around the community. For instance when the Ml was being built children whose parents moved to the area for work with Laings lived in caravans, where Hill View is now, and then moving on. Admissions also noted in the years 39 -43 the names of children evacuated here.

Valerie Callis: - Following on from the above Norman had a chance conversation with someone who put him in touch with an evacuee. This lady now living in Alacanti, Spain and was once living in a cottage in Church End as part of the Cawthome family, where Tommy Todd lives today. Jack West was one of her neighbours at the time, Philip Smith has since spoken to Sheila Bailey neeGribble and other information has been gained.

Voice Recorder - Norman commented that on such occasions as making contact with a person with Sherington connections a voice recorder could be very useful. It was decided that one would be purchased in the very near future for about 80. There are at least four people we should try to interview in the very near future as we hear today the sad news that another Sherington person has passed away. Mr George Watts of Church road.

Brownies, Beavers and SCAN kids: - Norman told of the pictures that had been sent to the society from Flora Jeeves relating to various children's groups that had run or was sill running in the village.

Family Tree Maker: - Norman suggested it would be a good idea for the society to put on the computer a copy of Family Tree Maker. We have quite a few Family trees and this would be an excellent way of recording and presenting them. It was agreed to purchase a copy of the software for the society.

Scarecrow making workshop: - Philip showed onlookers at the plant sale different techniques when making a scarecrow. It was suggested to give Philip a bigger slot for next year and try to develop it into making a complete and finished article.

Proms in the Park: - This takes place on Sunday 25th June from 4pm onwards in the play area next to the Village Hall. Norman asked who might be going. Kay said she would take some pictures to record the event.

Open day Arrangements: - Plans are being made. It was decided to sell merchandise notelets, thank you cards booklets etc, display as many artists work as already mentioned, play about with the layout of the hall, possibly get some cardboard boards for displaying lighter weight pictures which could be hung from the metal roof supports in the hall, run a raffle with appropriate prizes, serve refreshments (ask Sheila Line if she would bake a few cakes again). Sent out invitations to local family history groups, Emberton. North Crawley, Newport Pagnell and Stoke Goldington. Ruth Mearden at the local studies centre and MK Heritage. Ask Philip if he would advertise the event with a board or two. It was agreed for all the committee members to have a go at designing a poster for the event to be ready for the next meeting on the 13th June.

Secretary's Report:

Stockwood Park: It was suggested to put forward two dates 10th or the 17th. for a visit. Kay to phone to see what might be happening and to ask if there are any other exhibits of interest to the group besides the Tom Ivester Lloyd Diarama.

Treasurers Report Nationwide account 1,597 -73p HSBC 100. It was decided to keep the Nationwide account open as it received some interest. The HSBC account should hold around 200 to allow the day to day running expenses and use the cheque book for paying the Village Hall and other small purchases. Pearl will ask Sheila Line if she would like cash for the donation to the Flower Festival flowers.

Web Site/lan Collinge - On the whole the website is looking great. There needs to be some updating of the village tour especially buildings information and this could be done as we review the buildings information.

E mails / Correspondence - Mark passed over a wedge of E mails from MK Heritage for filing. Philip had spoken to Norman about a letter from Australia requesting research help.


Daily Mail Aerial View Offer Sheila has enough tokens to send off for a copy of our area.

Telephone Expenses: Norman was asked if he felt he would like to be reimbursed for his telephone expenses relating to society business, he said he would report back next meeting. Sheila suggested possibly 5 a month might be appropriate.

Auction Sale: The herd of pedigree Holstein cows belonging to Mr Cook has been sold. Due to the poor amounts of money given to the farmer for the milk Mr Cook and his son Peter decided to sell their herd of pedigree cows. Norman has acquired for the society, a copy of the sale catalogue, other milking equipment was also sold. The catalogue supported a photo taken by Jim Gardener. Mr Cook when speaking to Norman said that he may be able to pass on some other information about Mercers Farm. He was also trying draw up a list of field names that have had their hedges removed. Chibnall's, includes a list of farmers fields and their names e.g. shoulder or leg of mutton - this most probably related to the shape of the field and the name would also depend on who you got the information from.

Gun Lane: Whilst having a drink at the White Hart Norman was approached by some asking about why it should be called so. Normans answer was two reasons - guns had been buried there or there had been gun emplacements there. It probably goes back to Cromwell's time when soldiers were billeted in the church. It was thought that the field owned by Elsie Hill had an encampment on it. It would make a great re-enactments site for the Sealed Knot!

The meeting closed at 10.10pm with thanks to Sheila for her hospitality. The next Committee Meeting will be 26th June at Kay's. The next General Meeting will be at Sherington Village Hall 13th June


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