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SHS Meeting Minutes 74



Held at Sheila Quinn's School lane. 25th September 2006

Present: Norman, Mark, Pearl, Sheila and Kay.

Apologies: Caroline

The minutes of the previous meetings minutes (No 73) were approved

Matters Arising: A copy of Family Tree Maker has been purchased and will be installed on the PC. Margaret Sedgwick sent the society an Email which includes 19 pages of the Storer family tree. This could be one of the first family trees to be entered.

MK Heritage: Attached is the sheet of information that Mark circulated at the meeting. It was decided that we need to discuss our association with MK Heritage Society. At previous committee meetings time has run out before being able to properly discuss issues and subjects that arise on the E mails that Mark is bringing to the meetings. All the committee agreed that we should stay associated with MK Heritage Society because of it's contacts and benefits to the society. Mark is still happy to receive the E mails and go to meetings. Other committee members would also try to go and it was agreed to place MK Heritage business before the Chairman's report.

Chairman's Report:

Scan article for November will be about our Open Day and will be made into an article for the Phone Box. The members who visited Stockwood Park had a very enjoyable time looking at the Tom Ivester Lloyd dioramas and we all agreed that the museum is well worth another visit. It was decided to write to the British Museum, as information on the displays lead us to believe that they also have more of his work.

Last minute jobs for the Open Day on Saturday 30th Sept. are underway. It has been arranged to meet on Friday 29th at the village hall at 8.30pm after bowls to start setting up display boards and tables. It may be possible to start hanging some paintings as we already have received a number from their owners. We have plenty of raffle prizes. Pearl has agreed to sell the merchandise. The committee room is available Friday afternoon for us to start bringing some things down from the office. Norman wished to thank Caroline and Kay for work they had already done in preparation for the Open Day.

Secretary's Report: Sheila offered to help write some society letters. Martin Williams needs to be thanked for the loan of his display board. A thank you note needs to go to Kath Hulston thanking her for the B Wrighton Painting she has donated to the Society.

Treasurers Report Pearl reported that the £25 donation has been made to SCAN. The village hall rent has been paid. A float has been prepared for the raffle and passed on to Jesse who will be running the raffle with Eileen. Mark has been reimbursed £35.99 for the copy Family Tree Maker.

Web Site/lan Collinge - Ian will be updated with information from the Open Day..

Correspondence and E mails - The Cowper and Newton Museum have sent us a letter of thanks for the £ 100 cheque we donated to them.

E mails have come in from
A C Clare
H Fenn harriet.fenn@hotmail Harriet who lived at Harriet's End High Street Richard Mann re info about Paul Mann for the Open day.


If we are to go ahead with a Christmas card design this year we should try to circulate a design with the members present at the next meeting.

Norman suggested we should buy a mobile phone for use in the office. Sheila very kindly offered to loan us one to see what usage it got.

A venue for the Christmas Dinner, 23 01 07 should be decided. Committee members to look around for menus. Places suggested were
The Old Mill, Newtons Blossomville
The Chester Arms Chicheley
The Cock North Crawley
The Swan Astwood
The Swan Sherington
The White Hart

Date of next Committee meeting 30th October 2006 At Sheila's Halloween!!!!
Date of next General meeting 10th October 2006 Sherington Village Hall

Milton Keynes Heritage Association (MKHA)

Who Is the MKHA and what are their objectives?

Milton Keynes Heritage Association - MKHA - was formed in 1994 by a number of local heritage groups and museums, with the aim of encouraging and developing co-operation and co-ordination between organisations having an interest in heritage in Milton Keynes, North Buckinghamshire and South Northamptonshire. It also has a central role in promoting heritage, by working closely with Councils and other agencies.

The MKHA has been using the Web to publicise and market the members' collections, and implement a common policy for documenting and digitising their archives so that they can be made more widely accessible.

Milton Keynes Heritage Association exists to encourage and develop c0¨operation and co-ordination between all members having an interest in heritage within the Milton Keynes district.

When do they meet?

MKHA holds an AGM every September/October, at which Officers and an Executive Committee are elected. Full meetings of member organisations are held at least every quarter. Members receive other information periodically.

What benefit does the Sherington Historically Society (SHS) gain from being members of the MKHA?

The Sherington Historically Society have been members of the MKHA since the group founded in 2000 and as such this means that the group is published around Milton Keynes

In the past the MKHA has hosted a couple of training and informational days that the SHS has taken part in. and these days are still hosted, but the focus on recent event has been more for museums that small voluntary groups like the SHS. The Society have also had the Enclosure map and document digitised by the MKHA.

Probably the biggest benefit for the SHS is the hosting of the Sherington Historical Society website, which is the societies shop window to the world. This was started at the very same point that we joined the MKHA and has been one of the SHS's greatest successes.

What does It cost being a member of the MKHA?

There is a annual subscription fee of £10.00 with an additional £10.00 levied for the hosting of the SHS Web site

The MKHA feel that quite often that they operate in a vacuum as they get very little feedback from its groups. I think that when the MKHA reports back to the groups the information given should be given an airing when this is relevant to the SHS.


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