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SHS Meeting Minutes 75



Held at Sheila Quinn's School Lane 30th October 2006

Present: Sheila, Mark, Caroline and Kay.

Apologies: Pearl

It is with great sadness that the committee have to minute the death of our Chairman Norman Arnold, who passed away suddenly on 24th October 2006 at home, in Sherington. He will be greatly missed by all that knew him. His funeral will take place at Crown Hill, Milton Keynes 29th October at 11.30am.

This committee meeting was scheduled for this date before the death of Norman and the committee members agreed to continue as it was felt that some business should be discussed, be it on a slightly less formal basis.

Kay to find out the family arrangements regarding flowers and or donations. (When Masons were contacted they stated family flowers only and donations if desired to The British Horological Institute Branch 33). Also to send a card from Normans friends at the Historical Society to Anita, Stewart, Bruce and the family. Kay would also notify members Gillian, Howard, Ian, John and Julia Wilson (Paul Mann's daughter), plus Fred Niebel the POW in Germany.

Mark stated he has E mailed MK Heritage so Dianne Sutton and Neil Louden would be informed. Other local Historical Society's Emberton, North Crawley, Stoke Goldington and Hanslope should also be told.

Welcome Pack - It was agreed to continue the welcome pack. Clubs, groups and society's who meet in the village would be sent a form to fill in, in the New Year and the forms could be returned filled in ready to produce in the A5 format for the envelopes. Mark said he would see if there was any funding available from the MK Heritage Association and it was also suggested that the Parish Council may fund it.

Philip Smith and Ray Bailey Slide Show 14th November 2006 - This needs to be advertised locally. Mark offered to print off some posters. Philip has spoken to Ray and will organise the evening. There will be a raffle, offers of prizes would be appreciated. Kay to organise the refreshment. Setting up from 7.15pm.

News letter for November - Sheila offered to circulate a newsletter to the members.

SCAN for December? ideas ASAP

Christmas Cards - The committee agreed to try to ascertain the location of the Christmas card designs that Norman had started working on for this year as the Church Bazaar was to be held on 24th November and printing and packaging would be required if we were to go ahead with a sales table. Other stock needs producing e.g. Thank you cards, Edith Lucas notelets, and Embroidery notelets. These could be on Normans computer. Mark to investigate

MK Heritage - Mark showed the committee information from MK Heritage relating to their list of members and speakers. And other information about copy right, info on how to store certain artefacts, paper etc.

E. mail- Peter Gill with reference to grave 91 for Thomas Coles, location 5e. We shall try to find out the info and or take a photo.

Email - Leon Shelley with reference to Paul Mann paintings. Kay to pass on info to Julia Wilson Paul Mann's daughter.

MK Heritage - information about speakers, committee members and useful info.

Letter from Mrs Arlene Bourne replying to Normans letter about the Schools historical books and their safe keeping. Also seeking conformation about the Punishment Book that there has not been any use of data from it which relates to past pupils who still live in the village

Memory Stick - It was discussed that possibly a lot more information and work should be done on the office computer at the Village Hall and possibly committee members could have a memory stick to transfer information should they work at home on some projects.

Treasurers Report Pearl was unable to come to the meeting but sent the following information about the accounts Receipts 3,489.86 Payments 1,599.46 (1,890.40 Nationwide 1,516.38 HSBC 270.87 cash in hand 103.15 total 1,890.40. Pearl also wished the society to know that she had bought a small safe for the safe keeping of SHS cash in hand.

Programme for the rest of the year - For the time being the programme would continue and the Christmas party would go ahead as planned. 12th December. Members would be asked to bring along a plate or two of food and a photo of themselves as a baby. There may also be a few other quizzes and of course refreshments.

January Outing - In January a society outing for a meal would be planned but it would not be a Christmas meal. 24th January 2007.

New Programme for 2007 - A new programme would be planned and Mark suggested Neil Louden might come and give a talk about boat building in Stony Stratford

The future for the society was discussed and it was agreed that a decision about who should take over the Chair could be delayed until the AGM in March 2007.

Date of the next Committee meeting 27th November at Sheila's.
Date of next General meeting 14th November SVH


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