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Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 13th September, 2000, at Sherington Sports Pavilion, 8-0pm.

Apologies for absence from,

Sheila Quinn, Gail Waters, Helen Vale, Howard Dalton, (New member) & Denise Rose, (Prospective new member.) Alan & Ann Barber are on holiday.

Those present, Sheila Line, Jesse Line, Norman Arnold, Anita Arnold, Enid Pepper, Les Milne, Mark Vale, Paola Verolina, & guest.

Meeting for the first time at the new ‘Permanent’ meeting place, at the Sherington Sports Pavilion’ .We have negotiated with Sherington PC. To have use of this facility for a 6 months trial period, at no charge to ourselves. The only cost will be for power, there is an electricity ‘pound in the slot’ meter, that we have to feed. This will be very cheap, just for lighting, but might be different when the cold weather comes. This will have to be experienced to see how it be. We also need to thank Derek Ferris for the loan of the chairs, they must have been quite comfortable, as I heard no complaints.

I have had to commit us to specific dates, for our meetings & the agreed date is the second Wednesday in the month. Very close to the dates that we have had for all our meetings up until now.

We must also thank the Football Club for changing their training nights from Wednesday evenings, to Thursdays & we have sent a letter of thanks to them.

We have 2 new members to welcome, Paola Verolina, from Harriett’s End & Howard Dalton from Poole in Dorset, I met Mr Dalton in the churchyard last year, & again when he called on me this year. His ancestors are from this village & he does make periodic visits to Sherington. Anyone coming across the name of Dalton in their research, please notify me or Howard Dalton direct , thanks you. Denise Rose from Newport, is also interested in the Rose family, so any snippets, to her please.

It would appear that we should add to our databases, names etc, of the people making enquiries about people &/or events of the village. If we cannot answer these queries now, we may be able to in the future.

We have been loaned a whole heap of parchment manuscripts, deeds relating to the Crown & Castle & its owners & attached cottages etc, Extracts of title have been reduced & copied onto A4 paper & made up into book-form. About 80 odd pages of information on the transference of title, with lots of old Sherington names scattered through these pages, dating from 1700 to circa 1850.

We have now found the conclusion of the Sherington murder of 1872, this has now been transcribed, from Croydon’s weekly, & hopefully will be made up into booklet form, to be sold maybe. Along with the suspected murder & exhumation, of 1935.

The Society has purchased a copy of Chibnalls, ‘Beyond Sherington’ this is an out of print book & is very interesting as it covers all the parishes that boundary on to Sherington. This will be available for members to borrow through Mark Vale. It was also noted that a copy of THE Chibnalls is in the care of the Vicar, this we understand was given to the village, for villagers use, by a past villager.

We have now also copied & had copied most of the files from John Cook, this covers the history of the new Sports Pavilion from its proposal to opening, the minutes of most of the Shefco. meetings, the SHARC & YARA programmes, (airport resistance) Lots of information on the 3 feasts with posters & programmes. Thank you to Alan & Ann Barber for the copying.

We have also looked at the Bucks C.C, website, this has some 25 photos of Sherington, mostly from the 60s, some we have not seen before, I think it has something like 23,000 photos of the villages in Bucks.

We have received more photographs, for the album, most of these have now been copied, & are ready to be archived.

We have received notification that places have been reserved for 2 members to attend the courses run by MK Heritage Assc. These are the courses helping us to construct a website. The first night of the current course was on the 18th Sept. But there will be a further course, Nov. 7th to Dec. This will be linked to the "Jewels of Milton Keynes" website, providing us with a link to the other projects going on throughout MK. We have also been asked to attend the AGM of the MK Heritage Assc. Also we have been asked to make a display at the MKHA forum, Enid & Sheila have volunteered to attend the first of these meetings, to see what is expected of us, this is on the 28th Sept. with the forum on the 2nd Oct 2000.

The AGM of the MK HA is on the 21st Sept, Mark &/or Norman will do their best to attend.

We have also been able to obtain the use of a table, to advertise our society at an exhibition, that the bowls club is to promote in the village hall, on Saturday 7th October. We will need some volunteers to be at the table, for an hour or two, please contact me if you can spare some time during that day. It could take a similar format as the Church Fete day exhibition. It was a very enjoyable time.

Derek George has now put together a presentation, based on the catalogue of the sale & break up of Tyringham estates in 1917. This he has agreed to put on for us at a time of our convenience. This may make a good presentation for our first ‘Open to the public’ meeting, with an audience from the village.

The millennium project being run by John Cook is now nearing completion, we already have a number of photos in the album, from this.

Mark has now finished a transcription of the written details on the 1796 enclosure map, copies of this are available, for members.

Photos of the ‘Son et Lumiere’ production are available now, we hope to obtain a full set for the archives from David.

Colin Davis a resident in Water Lane is working towards completion of ‘An Old Buildings in Sherington’ project, we have seen this being put together over a number of months, with Colin, Philip Smith & a video camera, on journeys round the village.

The meeting ended, after some general discussion, at 9-45pm.

Date of the next meeting, again in the sports pavilion, is Wed 11th, October 8-00pm. 2000.

Norman Arnold.


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