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SHS Meeting Minutes 80


SHS Committee Meeting No. 80

Held at Pearls 33 Crofts End, 7.30pm 27th March 2007

Present: Mark Vale, Caroline Leslie, Pearl Teasdale and Kay Turrell.

Apologies: Sheila Quinn

It was noted that in the previous minutes it stated that admission was to be a £1 at the AGM this should have read free entry.

The minutes of the previous meeting held on the 6th March were approved.

Matters arising

AGM meetings would always be free.

£1 will be charged for non members to open meetings.

Changes to the constitution have been made by Mark, to include the position of Vice Chairman. This is the 3rd revision and is dated 15th March 07.

Pearl confirmed that Peter Gardner, Philip Smith and Ian Collinge have honouree membership. 23 members have paid their subs for 2007. Pearl will contact Tony Devony, Gail Wood, Alice Gardner and Mr and Mrs Barber, to see if they would like to renew their membership.

Betty has agreed to use the new heading for our SCAN articles.

The notelets we are hoping to produce for the 50th year School celebrations need costing. Pearl has offered to do this once we know what sort of paper we shall use. The 5 designs will be packaged; work is still required to get them ready for printing.

Chairman’s Report:

SCAN - Mark suggested that Philip might like to write another article for SCAN. Caroline said she might like to write an article about PC Nibbs who used to live in her house. This could be written for October. Gail may be asked if she would like to write an article about her house. Mark suggested we keep a diary of dates and possible articles so no month is overlooked and not to miss important information. May’s article to include info, on May Day stall (no arrangements for May day at time of meeting) and Scarecrow workshop on the 2nd June at the plant sale. June SCAN to include information on the scarecrow competition, this will be advertised as a Family Scarecrow entrée. To take place from 16th - 23rd June, judging to take place on the 23rd.

The Programme/Newsletter/new Constitution will be issued to members in April. The School Fete will take place on the 30 June, we have a gazebo that Norman purchased that we could use. What we display will have to be decided but will go along the theme of the school. There will also be the opportunity to put out merchandise for sale. Enquire with Betty the possibility of a June cover

Welcome Pack: - We are still waiting for information to come in. Groups need to be reminded.

The Living Archive Band - It was agreed not to have the band as we could not achieve enough tickets sales to cover the amount of monies they might expect. Kay to contact Marion Hill.

Programme update

April		Victorian Bottle Collector Mark Simmonds 
May		Family History Workshop, general meeting 
June		Scarecrow preparations, general meeting 
July		General Meeting archive filing 
August		No meeting but on the 12th Grafton Regis walk (10 Tickets Booked) 
September	General meeting - preparation for Open Day (Open Day Saturday 29th) 
October		Neil Louden talk on boat building at Stony Stratford 
November	Ray Bailey talk on Salmons 
December	Christmas Party Village Hall 
January		General Meeting and Dinner out 
February	Possibly Peter Gardner film show Ollie to ask

Ray Bailey has given Mark a CD with copies of the slides he showed at the AGM Mark has asked that may be some may need enhancing and has Ollie to do this. If there is a problem Ray will supply the original slides.

Next meeting 10th April — It was decided that the raffle would consist of bottles. Pearl said she had got wine, Mark suggested a bottle of mineral water, there is one in blue glass and Kay suggested a bottle of HP brown sauce, plus one more, Kay to source.

Mark showed his suggested lay out for a new style Newsletter. He will speak to Sheila to see if she could help with this. On the back he came up with a section that will be called ‘Hands to the Pump’ this could include E mails and queries on research topics. This way all members would have the info available to them and hopefully more info can be found circulated and shared.

Secretary’s Report - Waddesdon - Kay to make enquiries tel. no. 01296 653211 info line or 01296 653226 possibly a group of 15 to include National trust members.

Community foundation - we have received an invitation to attend 20th Birthday celebration No one can attend Kay to reply. And sent short greeting on the card Acorn provided

COIN - Kay to check with Sheila if she is happy to put forward her details for a contact for COIN.

Treasurers Report - Another signature is needed for the mandate, Mark will provide the necessary documentation for the bank HSBC

A sum of £25 will be given to the SCAN magazine. It was suggested to ask Gillian if she would audit the 2008 account for us. Pearl offered to update the members list. Mark to provide info that he has.

AOB - Wake up to Partnership renewal form from Sheila ask Pearl to send cheque.

Meeting closed 10 pm Thank you Pearl for your hospitality

Date of next Committee Meeting 24th April At Pearls 7.30 pm

Date of next Committee Meeting 22nd May Pearl away.


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