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SHS Meeting Minutes 82



Tuesday, 22nd May, 2007 at 24 School Lane

Present: Mark Vale, Kay Tyrrell, Pearl Teasdale, Caroline Leslie and Sheila Quinn.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved (albeit at the end of the meeting!).

Bucks Standard Article: Tony Pilcher found some pages from the Bucks Standard dated the 24th August, 1957 in a piece of furniture that had been donated to the Age Concern Furniture Store. The pages contained a small article headed “Sherington Conservatives Whist Drive”. Kay will file the article in the archives.

Scarecrows: Kay brought the 2005 poster as an example of what we need to produce for this year’s competition. The entry forms will be available on the 2nd June, when Philip Smith gives his scarecrow demonstration and also in the village shop. SAQ has checked that Alan and Pam are happy to have them. The forms will have the rules printed on them and also contact telephone numbers, in case of queries. Philip’s demonstration is to take place at 11am and the gazebo can be used if needed. It has been suggested that a judge from outside the village be invited to join Philip and Kay. Pearl is to ask Brian Hansford (Filgrave) if he would consider being a judge.

The question of certificates was raised and it was suggested that we consider purchasing a cup that can be engraved. Kay is to enquire about one in Dearden Trophies, Newport Pagnell. Last year’s first prize trophy of a scarecrow has been offered back to SHS by the holder. If a cup is purchased it will be held by the winner for one year. Certificates will be given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd competitors.

School Jubilee Day – 30th June, 2007. Our display area will be inside the school building. The School Archives will be subdivided for ease of viewing. We will also display the transcribed Log Books. The celebration notelets that Caroline has designed will be on sale and it was considered that we need at least 50 packets. A donation of 50p for each set sold is to be made to the school. Other items for sale will be the Seasons notelets, thankyou notelets and the school Newspaper Booklet. The display boards will be used for photographs etc. Mark, however, will speak to Mrs. Bourne (headmistress) to check is she thinks any parents will object to having their child’s photograph on display. Mark will also speak to Jill Burgess. A visitor’s book for visiting ex-pupils is to be open and it has been suggested that it is on the SHS display table, along with commemorative tea towels that will be for sale. Both the book and the towels are being organised by the School Jubilee Committee.

SHS members are to provide some help between 2pm and 5pm.

Paper for notelets etc: Aldi have packs of 200 sheets of 100gr coated paper for £2.99 each. Kay is to purchase several packets.

Julia Wilson nee Mann: Kay has found two swimming certificates won by Julia. They are to be filed in the archives.

Colin Brown of Castlethorpe: Kay has received a letter from Colin thanking us for inviting him to a meeting and sharing our information with him about Crump.

POW Camp: Sharon Jones’ mother, Sylvia Ayris, may have some information regarding the POW camp.

Website: Mark has received an email from Ian Collinge advising us that the 1796 Enclosure Map is on the website and also photographs of the May Day Celebrations on the Knoll.

Denise Rose: An email from Denise Rose enquiring about a legacy from her ancestor, George Rose, that was for the purchase of a tenor bell for St. Lauds. Mark is to forward the email to the rector. She may be able to shed some light on the query from church records. SAQ to advise Denise Rose accordingly.

Norman Arnold’s computer records: It is thought that Norman’s computer is now in Devon with his son, Bruce. The committee felt that it probably still contains information that we need. SAQ is to write to Bruce asking him to advise us if he finds anything that he considers will be of use or interest to us.

Local Area Agreement: MV received an email from Shane Downer , Senior Heritage Officer for Milton Keynes Council. He is responsible for looking at volunteering for heritage across Milton Keynes and requires figures from each group. SAQ is to reply giving him the required information:

Group Name: SHS
Location and Post Code: Sherington Village Hall

Total Volunteers: 25

The above number broken down into:

Retired: 15
Working: 10
Student: 0

Living Archive Band: We have not heard anything further from Marion Hill regarding when they will be able to perform for us. MV is to email her.

Finance: Pearl reported that we sold £35 worth of goods on May Day. She will calculate the amount due to the school for the Celebration Notelets that were sold.

AOB: SAQ is to write to Stockwood Park asking for information regarding the housing of the Tom Ilvester Lloyd Dioramas during the work currently underway to create the Stockwood Discovery Centre.

Welcome Pack: MV reported that we now have pages for Thumbsticks and Parents & Toddlers Group. Those still missing are Youth Club, Thursday Group, Village Hall Committee, School and the Twinning Assn.

Church Building Project: The suggestion was made that SHS make a contribution to the appeal for funds for the Church Building Project. MV declared that he should remain neutral because as a church warden he has a vested interest. The committee had no objections but thought it best that the membership was consulted.

Tea towel: Kay purchased a Gayhurst Tea Towel at the Steam Rally. They cost £1.13 + VAT wholesale. She suggested that we consider ordering a supply for our 10th anniversary in 2010. The committee liked the towel and thought that the project should be looked into further.

The Parrott family enquiry from Linda Smith by email: Caroline suggested that she speak to John Perrot regarding the Parrott family and, in particular, the unfortunate James Parrott, who served some time in Coventry Jail.

The next committee meeting will be on Tuesday, 26th June. The venue is yet to be decided!

The meeting closed at 10pm


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