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SHS Meeting Minutes 86



Held at Pearls 33 Crofts End. 25th September 2007

Present: Mark, Pearl, Caroline and Kay.

Apologies: Sheila

Visitor: lan Collinge

The minutes of meeting 85 were approved.

Matters Arising: The charge for the Village hall by the hour is correct. No change to the account.

General notes no particular order.

Mark has to find a cheque for membership form Clare Lawrence
Mrs Doris Stephens has said she would like to be a member and it was suggested she joined in the new year, she is most welcome to come to any meetings any time.
The members list need updating we have had several new people join. (Name, address tel. no. e mail)
We will make our usual donation to SCAN at this time Pearl will see to this.
Mandate still needs sorting.

SHS Open Day 29th September 2007 arrangements are underway. It will be free to enter. There will be a raffle including a writing set, box of biscuits, packet of notelets, scarecrow book, bottle of wine and other prizes have been promised. Raffle tickets will be 1 a strip. Pearl will organise a float.
Refreshments will be served and a donations bowl will be out as well as the Keech cottage, plastic cottage. Several people have offered help on the day setting up and manning the raffle and serving refreshments. Ian has offered to set up his computer and scanning equipment for people to bring along their photographs and have copies made. Cost 25p for 6x4 and A4 50p. Caroline, Pearl, Sheila Anne and Kay have put together 10 boards most both sided with displays depicting Sherington Shenanigans, Feasts Fun and Fetes. Gail has been busy smartening up the folders with Anne and other members do their bit quietly in the background. Mark said he would like ALL the archive on show. Betty Feasey has offered to set up costumes from the Son et Lumier and Diana Morgan has offered a TV and a copy of Son et Lumier to be shown all afternoon. There will also be two other computers running. Oliver has made DVDs of some of the past events in the village. Pearl offered the use of her TV to run these and a slide show will be show from a computer screen. Jackie Inskipp has kindly offered to loan us some costumes she has from the 1980 pantomime. Caroline and Kay will display their scarecrows from the June event this year. Watch out PC Knibs is coming!! Doors open 12 noon to 5pm. Mark has done the posters Caroline has kindly offered to put them up. Sheila has sent out invites to local historical societies.
Post meeting note: Ray Bailey has very kindly offered to print off some fliers, delivery to every household in the village will be organised. Thank you Ray.

Kay reminded Mark the office computer needs backing up on the hard disk.
We have been given a package containing correspondence, photographs and information from Jackie and Mike Inskipp about The Burying of the Hatchet. We thank them and we shall place the info into the archive for everyone to see. Also thanks to Pearl who also came up with some photos of the same event.
Murder booklet still needs reprinting. A printer needs to be found. We had an enquiry about from an lan Joyce and the section about the exhumation was sent to him.
Welcome pack needs finishing and distributing. We still await Sherington School, Church Choir and Twinning input.
Email from Heritage Association 22/23 Jan 08 Exhibition Middleton Hall Hero's Exhibition we might like to get involved.
Christmas card designs for 2007. We have two designs from Caroline, one of 3 choir boys and the other a view of The Knoll with snow and children playing. Angelika has sent a disc with about 10 photographs on it. Kay has asked for Mark's help to set them up for printing. We need to sort out what quality of paper will be best to use. Samples ready for the next meeting.

Date of next meeting 30th October 2007 at Pearls

Christmas cards 2007

Name 			subject/photo 		paper		size	quantity	price

Angelika Braid		St Lauds Church	Acrylic A4 	A5                        
Angelika Braid		St laud window		coated A4	notelet                    
Angelika Braid		Holly berries		coated A4	notelet                    
Angelika Braid		red berries		coated A4	notelet
Angelika Braid 	Post box 		coated A4	notelet

Caroline Leslie 	3 Choir Boys		170g white	C6                         
Caroline Leslie 	The Knoll in Winter 	170g white	A5                       


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