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SHS Meeting Minutes 87



Held at 33 Crofts End, Tuesday 30th October 2007

Present: Mark, Sheila, Pearl, Caroline and Kay.
No apologies

Matters Arising: There were none from the previous minutes

Secretary’s Report:
Sheila has made a separate sheet with E mail information that has come into the society. Subjects were Paul Mann, Gowles Farm, Rev H Spalding.

Chairman’s Report:
Mark stated that our subs are due for the MK Heritage Society. (£20 for web site support and £10 for membership) Pearl to send a cheque to cover both amounts. Mark is to return the form on membership.
The society’s Xmas bash, date 22nd January 08 (January Jolly). Pearl will make enquiries locally and ask which members would like to go.
Mark has been able to download the information from Norman’s computer. He has backed it up and it includes some info on artists, SCAN articles and Newsletters. Mark feels there should be more information possibly on floppy and CD discs, especially the Edith Lucas notelets he hopes to get the opportunity to talk again to Norman’s son.
Designs for Christmas cards have been agreed and paper and envelopes sourced.
We have produced two A5 sized cards. The first from a photograph of St Lauds by Angelika Braid, and second from a watercolour painting of the Knoll in Winter by Caroline Leslie. 4 further photographs by AB made into notelets, and another watercolour by CL of 3 naughty choir boys made into a card C6 size. A selection should be ready for sale at the Church Bazaar on the 30th November and possibly a small amount could be displayed for sale 13th November our next meeting at the VH when Ray Bailey does his talk on Salmons of Newport Pagnell

SCAN article needs to in by 22Nov. for December and it was decided to ask Jess if he could write about Christmas memories from his past. Caroline to ask him. It was also decided that we should try to get ahead with articles for SCAN so other suggestions made were an article about the Chapel in Crofts End. It was thought that we could ask Gillian Nursaw Smith to do this., also an article about Caroline Leslie’s house where PC Knibs lived. Possibly Gail Wood might, if asked write a brief history about her house in Park road. The Living Archive Band is on the programme for February so we need to advertise this in the January SCAN.

Dates for next years meetings 2008 at the Village Hall these will have to be confirmed via E mail with Mrs Risby once speakers etc have been decided.

Jan – 8th
Feb – 12th
March – 11th AGM
April – 8th
May – 13th
June – 10th
July – 8th
August no meeting
September - 9th
October – 14th
November – 11th
December – 9th

Next general meeting 13th Nov in the village hall will be Ray Bailey talking about Salmons of Newport Pagnell. Kay will make copies of the poster Mark has prepared and Caroline has kindly offered again to pin them up. We shall run a raffle and Caroline will remind Jill to bring along something as she had offered. Kay will get a bottle for ray and Sheila a bottle for the raffle. Kay also has a box a chocs.

Philip Smith arranged to go to talk on Three Counties Radio on 24th October, at the invitation of the afternoon presenter Lorna Milton. Philip chose the subject of the Burying of the Hatchet from 1935 and re-in acted in 1995, along with mentioning our lovely village and the SHS society.

Wash up from the Open Day. Table layout and displays - next time possibly go on a slant so the ends of the display boards are not head on as you walk in. The raffle table was tucked away too much in the corner as was the sales table but ta The copying service that Ray and Ian offered seemed to work well. Some people went home and came back again with photographs to copy. The refreshments were excellent thanks to the team work of Sheila Line and Jill Burgess. The computer displaying slide show and the video of Son et Lumie was excellent as was the costume display by Betty Feasey and the kind loan from Jackie Inskipp of the pantomime outfits. Possibly 100 people came through the doors that afternoon.

Treasurer’s Report: Takings from the Open Day, £83 raffle, £50.75 sales of notelets, photographs £6, refreshments £61.75. and donations in the little blue hospice house £14.56 plus £15.02. It was decided to donate £50 to Keech cottage Hospice, Pearl to send a cheque. The expenses for hall were £55.
Total balance stands at £2,388.73. less £50 donation. Mandate It was resolved that Mark as Chairman be a signatory for the HSBC account. Kay and Sheila also signed the form and Pearl to a copy of the exact wording so that they can be written down.

Rex Line at the death of his wife bequeathed a Crump water colour to the village. The picture has a small amount of foxing. Detail includes St Lauds in the background. This picture is believed to be in the safe keeping of Philip Smith, on behalf of the village of Sherington. Conformation has been sort by Rex as to its status. (Post meeting note picture is now with the society)

Thanks to Pearl for her hospitality the meeting closed at 10.20pm

Date of next meeting 27th Nov at 7.30pm venue to be arranged


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