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SHS Meeting Minutes 88



Held at 33 Crofts End, Tuesday 27th November 2007

Present: Mark Vale, Kay Turrell, Pearl Teasdale, Caroline Leslie and Sheila Quinn.

Matters Arising: December Scan: Jess Line has written an article based on his memories of Christmas in Sherington. Christmas Cards: Packs of cards have been produced for sale at the Christmas Bazaar on the 30th November. 2008 dates: Mark has confirmed the 2008 dates with Viv Risby. He also booked the Open Day date – 27th September.

The Minutes for the October meeting were approved.

January Jolly! PT canvassed the members and the majority were in favour of going to the White Hart as it is within walking distance for those who do not want to drive and also we are patronising a village business. A “limited choice” menu costing £20 per head for 3 courses and tea or coffee has been provided for us and members are to be asked to make their choices at the December meeting. PT suggested that the Society pay for members’ first drink, rather than supplying bottles of wine on the table. A booking for 7:30pm on the 22nd January has been made.

Christmas Bazaar: Ella Field has booked our table. We will have a selection of Christmas cards and notelets for sale. Angelica Braid is to be paid a commission of 15% of the sale of cards and notelets that use her photographs. A “one off” donation of £20 is to be made to St. Laud’s church in recognition of our use of the church building and windows on our cards. Angelica Braid has asked if we would display some promotional material about her photography services. Caroline Leslie is also to have examples of her work for sale.

Constitution: PT asked that early in 2008 we review the wording, grammar and punctuation of the printed constitution. She pointed out several errors and it was agreed that we should have a document that was correctly written to send out.

Chairman’s Report: MV did not attend the last MKHA meeting – therefore, nothing to report.

Newsletter: SAQ is to “crib” from the committee minutes and type the contents of a newsletter for December. Mention should be made of the January dinner, the Living Archive Band and Ray Bailey’s talk about Salmons. MV will produce the newsletter in a “newspaper” form.

Monthly Meetings:
November 13th: A very successful and enjoyable evening. Ray Bailey’s talk on Salmons of Newport Pagnell was very interesting (the second half will provide a subject for a meeting in 2008) and made more so by Jesse Line’s collection of model Aston Martins, books and newspaper cuttings. SAQ is to send a letter of thanks to both Ray and Jess.
December 11th will, as usual, be a Christmas social evening. Enid is to be asked to produce a game or quiz for the evening and Oliver to provide the music. SAQ is to order 6 bottles each of red and white wine together with some cranberry juice and orange juice. As usual, members are to be asked to provide sweet or savoury nibbles.
January 8th: Gail Wood has now sorted the Buildings files and reorganised the People file alphabetically. It was proposed that January be an “archiving” evening!
February 12th. The Living Archive Band will perform for us. A fee of £50 is to be paid to them and it was agreed that we sell tickets to non-members at £2 and charge members £1. A raffle will be held and refreshments available. The event will be advertised in the January Scan and also around the village.

Further discussion of meetings for 2008 will commence in the New Year.

SCAN: Jess Line has written an article for December based on his childhood memories of Christmas in Sherington.
Caroline Leslie is writing an article about Sybil de Carun (1299-1350), who became an heiress to Roger de Carun at the age of one!
Members are to be asked if anyone could write an article. (suggestions included Gillian Nursaw-Smith and Philip Smith)

Crump Painting: Rex Line has given a painting by Crump to the village as he feels that it should remain in Sherington. SHS are at the moment responsible for its safe keeping. The picture was given to Rex Line (and his bride) as a wedding present by a member of the Hickson family. We need to ascertain its authenticity and, as it now belongs to the village, if the VH Committee would agree to hang it in the hall. We need to have valuations carried out regarding the Paul Mann paintings and those by Crump. MV has spoken to Rex Line and confirmed that the painting is in our possession.

3 Counties Radio: Fame for Sherington and SHS – Three Counties Radio has a Sunday morning program called Treasure Hunt (Annika Rice used to do a similar program on the TV). On Sunday 2nd December they are featuring Olney, Newport Pagnell and places in between. The researcher for the program looked on our website and decided to use the Burying of the Hatchet as a clue. Step forward our intrepid chairman, Mark, who will stand outside his house, which is conveniently opposite the Knoll and hand over the clue when it is needed!!

Treasurer’s Report: PT reported that we have a total of £2,394.10.

AOB: SAQ had a list of paintings shown at Martin Williams’ exhibition on the 24th November, together with a copy of the invitation. CL is to add these to the Artist’s file.

Gillian Nursaw-Smith has given MV two family histories on the Watts and Coleman families that she has been researching.

The meeting closed shortly after 10pm. Thanks are due to Pearl Teasdale for her hospitality.


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