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SHS Meeting Minutes 89



Held at Pearls 33 Crofts End. 29th January 2008

Present: Mark, Pearl, Sheila, Caroline and Kay .

Apologies: Ian

The minutes of the previous minutes were approved

Matters Arising: Mark questioned whether a payment of £30 had been made to the MK Heritage Association to cover our membership and web support. Pearl wrote out a cheque as there had been no payment to date over the Christmas period.

Chairman’s Report:
SCAN articles. Caroline’s article for January received good feedback, as did Jess’s for December. The article for February has been sent by Sheila to Betty. It is a two page spread advertising The Living Archive Band for the 12th Feb and a piece of background information about them. It was suggested that the March SCAN should carry notification about our AGM and possibly a small piece about an Easter village event from the archive. Caroline said that during her research for her last article she had come across some information on “Beating the Bounds” and it was thought this may make a good article for May. It is possible that two further articles may come about through E mail enquiries; one on Paul Mann and the other on Bill and Ben Line. (more information later under E mails). We are still expecting an article from Gail about her house and Gillian may like to write another article.

Living Archive Band: Mark has been in touch with Marion Hill and made arrangements for the evening. Tickets are on sale in the shop and can also be obtained from Sheila. Raffle prizes have been offered: wine, box chocolate biscuits, camera, jigsaw, mortar and pestle and notelets. Pearl is happy to do the refreshments with help and someone will be needed at the door. The Band will play for the first half and then Philip will hopefully tell a few tales. We have some taped voices should we need back up but it was thought it better for the audience to see and listen to someone speaking. The band requires a table to sell their CD’s from and chairs will face the stage. Posters advertising the event will be copied, some in colour and displayed about the village by Sheila and Kay.

Welcome booklet: Publication of the Welcome Booklet is long overdue and April has now been set as an issue date. A few groups’ pages are already out of date and these need to be amended with the correct information. Pearl to ask Caroline Ellis about printing as Emberton Well and Towers Society has produced a very nice booklet. Mark is still sure we can obtain a grant to cover this exercise. It is estimated that we shall need 400 copies and at present each booklet has 6 A4 sheets folded into an A5 size booklet.

2008 Programme: Mark will speak to June Drew’s friend, Connie Hilton, who gives talks on Ironmongery. Pearl will speak to her friend in Newport Pagnell about a visit to the Museum.
Ray Bailey is to be asked if he would like to do the second half of his talk on Salmons of Newport.
Diana Morgan is to be asked if we could visit Yew Tree Farm on the 10th June and combine it with an evening picnic. The visit and the picnic would be restricted to society members only. Kay is to try and contact Marion Maule, who gives talks on various subjects. Kay is also to make further enquiries about a trip on the Lavendon railway for an evening or afternoon visit in August. We also could ask Peter Gardener to show a film as we haven’t had him at our meetings this year. Results of enquiries are to be discussed at the end of 12th Feb meeting.

AGM: Unfortunately Caroline has decided to stand down but is still willing to deliver newsletters and to look after the artists file. We still need 5 committee members and with the upturn in members, it was felt that new committee member would come forward. We all agreed that our new members have shown that they have an interest in continuing the good work and that many new projects could be started for the good of the society. Pearl offered to produce a light hearted quiz of about 20 questions for the AGM and the committee decided that we would provide wine to celebrate going into our 8th year as a society. Pearl suggested that we look over the wording of the constitution.

Treasurer’s Report: Pearl said she paid a bill of £549.45 plus a £40 tip to the White Hart after our meal there on 22 January 2008. We all agreed everyone had a good time and enjoyed their food.
Christmas card sales: We sold cards at the Christmas bazaar and on one our evenings at the village hall. It was agreed to pay Angelika Braid £5 for the sale of cards which used her photos. (The winter notelets are still available at the village shop, together with other Thank you cards and notelets)
Membership renewals are due Pearl will type out a reminder.

E mails: Sheila read out 3 E mails
1 Julia Mann re her late fathers biography, unfortunately the attachment didn’t come through. Sheila to enquire.
2 Robert Shelley is researching Paul Mann so Sheila has put him in touch with Julia.
3 J O‘Reilly from Northampton was enquiring about Bill and Ben Line, who were odd job men in the village. Sheila has forwarded the email to Jess Line, who will contact Mr. O’Reilly with the information he has asked for.

A reminder that the book ‘A Walk Around Sherington’ still needs updating. It could be republished for our 10th Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kay suggested we also consider a tea towel with photographs for the same occasion
It looks like there will be a Flower Festival this Year. We need to find out dates and the theme and then possibly coincide it with the annual Scarecrow Competition.
Ian has requested various meeting minute notes and the December news letter plus photographs from the January Jolly. Sorry Ian we have all been a bit busy and a bit forgetful.

The meeting closed at 10 pm
Thanks to Pearl for her hospitality.
Date of next meeting 26th February 2008 at Sheila’s


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