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SHS Meeting Minutes 90



Wednesday, 27th February, 2008 at 24 School Lane

Present: Kay Turrell, Pearl Teasdale and Sheila Quinn.

Apologies: Mark Vale and Caroline Leslie

The minutes of the previous minutes were approved

AOB: The Living Archive Band Meeting : All agreed that the Living Archive Band had been a huge success and was enjoyed by both members and visitors. The audience was in excess of 70 and the income as follows:
Ticket money £102, Raffle £79, Donations for refreshments £19.50
Costs amounted to £66 (£50 of which was paid to the band)
(webmaster note: edited for the web site) Kay also gave copies of the Murder book and the School Newspaper book to Marion Hill. It was agreed that we invite them to perform again and that we would then have to pay their “going rate”.

AGM: The AGM will be held on Tuesday, 11th March and will follow the usual format of business first followed by a quiz, which Pearl has prepared. Wine which was left over from the Christmas social evening will be served and the committee will provide a few nibbles. Kay will ask the New Thursday Group if we can borrow their wine glasses. SAQ will type the agenda and print copies of last year’s AGM minutes.

Secretary’s Report: Sheila reported that an email has been received from Maurice Barratt of Newport Pagnell. One of his queries was regarding Far Farm. Kay advised that we have some documentation regarding the sale of the farm; SAQ will reply to the email and she will also show the email to Philip Smith to see if he can provide any further information. Another email was received regarding the Brook family memorial/gravestones. SAQ is to reply offering to send photos of the gravestones.

March Newsletter: SAQ has started the March Newsletter and asked for suggestions for inclusion. The following headings were suggested: 2008 program, revised constitution, monthly subs., biography of Paul Mann now available, volunteer(s) needed to photograph the churchyard memorials, suggestions for September Open Day, website updates. SAQ has already included the January Jolly, The Living Archive Band and a request for SCAN articles.

Treasurer’s Report: Pearl reported that at the end of 2007 we had a balance of £2,433.84 and at today’s date we have a balance of £2,444.51. Pearl is to write to members who have not yet paid their subs. The letter will be a reminder but will also state that those who do not respond will be removed from the register of members.

The 2008 program looks as follows:

March		AGM
April		Marion Maule speaking on “A Victorian Childhood”
May		Normal Meeting
June		(webmaster note: edited for the web site)
July		Visit to Newport Pagnell Museum
August		No meeting
September	Open Day
October		(webmaster note: edited for the web site)
November	2nd half of Ray Bailey’s talk on Salmons of Newport Pagnell.
December	Christmas Social Evening
January		“January Jolly”
February	(webmaster note: edited for the web site)

The meeting closed at 10 pm
Arrangements were made for another committee meeting on Tuesday, 4th March at 24 School Lane.


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