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SHS Meeting Minutes 91


From the Sherington Historical Society Committee Meeting No. 91

Tuesday, 25th March, 2008

Far Farm: There has been corresponding by email with Maurice Barratt regarding his enquiry about Far Farm and also that Mr Smith has spoken to him. It has been offered to make arrangements for Mr. Barratt to copy the 1876 sale document for Far Farm.

2008 Program: A copy of the article for April SCAN has been sent to Ian Collinge as it gives the full 2008 program for him to publish on the website.

March Newsletter: MV and SAQ have produced the March newsletter. A few amendments are required which KT will make prior to MV printing it. A copy will be sent to Ian. The next newsletter will be due in June.

Emberton Well and Towers Historical Society has given us an update file on the Storers family of Emberton and Sherington. The file will be added to the archive.

MV is to cancel our village hall bookings for June (picnic) and July (visit to Newport Pagnell Museum) due to our outing in these months,

Emberton will be sending us an invitation to one of their meetings in 2009.

There is a guided walk around North Crawley on Thursday, 19th June (details of the time are unknown at present). More will follow as and when we know more.


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