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SHS Meeting Minutes 92


Information from the Sherington Historical Society Committee Meeting No. 92

Tuesday, 29th April, 2008

Volunteers’ Fair at CMK: We have received an invitation of exhibit at the Volunteers’ Fair in CMK. The Committee could not see that we would benefit from the time and effort required. MV will reply accordingly.

Sherington on Show – 11th October, Village Hall: SAQ has replied to the Sherington on Show committee stating that we are interested in participating. We will need to ascertain the amount of space to be allocated and also inform the SoS committee that we will require access to a power point. It was suggested that we use the display boards, have some archives on show and have a computer running with the website. A position close to the Village Embroidery would be ideal.

CDs from Anita Arnold: Bruce Arnold has sorted through 30 CDs found in Norman’s collection that Anita has passed to MV. They appear to belong to SHS. Some are unreadable but some contain photographs that we do not have in the archive and also the Edith Lucus pictures that can be used to print more notelets.

May Day on the Knoll: We will have a stall on the Knoll displaying and selling whatever we have in stock – notelets, thankyou cards, booklets and photographs.

September Open Day (27th Sept.) The theme of worship and public houses (every village has them) was suggested. The theme title of “Pumps and Praise” with a subtitle of “Publicans and Preachers” was agreed on. We have sufficient in the archives to make a good display but will also speak to residents of the decommissioned places of worship and imbibement .

Celia Wing had made the suggestion of “Trades” for an Open Day. We will keep this suggestion for a future date.

SAQ mentioned that a Bucks Standard dated 28th February, 1959 framed and hanging on the wall in “Teapots” in Olney has an article regarding the redecoration of Sherington Methodist Church on its front page! We need to look at the microfiche in the Archive Dept. at CMK Library.

New Members: We have two new members – Shirley and David Willis of Gun Lane.

April Open Meeting – Prisms and Prunes by Marion Maule: PT reported that we had 14 visitors and 19 members at Marion’s talk,

Projects Jess Line has kindly offered, together with an amateur photographer friend, to photograph the village, and Gail Wood is to commence cataloguing the archive.

Sad News KT reported the death of Tony Deviney, a member who lived out of Sherington but whose family originated in Sherington.


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