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SHS Meeting Minutes 93


Information from the Sherington Historical Society Committee Meeting No. 93


Matters Arising: The village hall booking for June has been cancelled.

May Meeting: It was a very chilly evening when members met in St. Laud’s churchyard to start photographing and recording the gravestones and their inscriptions. The committee thought that members had “enjoyed” doing something constructive. Quite a number of the stones were recorded but it was found that many needed clearance work done before a photograph could be taken. Rev. Marriott has no objection to SHS tidying those graves that are in need of such work..

The work schedule looks as follows:

Discover Milton Keynes: The new heritage facility in CMK has finally opened. It is located on the outside of the shopping building opposite Lloyds Court, near door 7. A changing monthly exhibition will be shown and members of the MKHA will be able to have leaflets etc. on display.


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