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SHS Meeting Minutes 94


Sherington Historical Society Committee Meeting No. 94


Present: Mark Vale, Kay Turrell, Pearl Teasdale, Caroline Leslie and Sheila Quinn.

KT, PT,CL and SAQ expressed their delight that MV was well enough to attend the Committee meeting so soon after his recent emergency stay in hospital.

The minutes of meeting 93 were agreed and signed by MV.

June Picnic: It was agreed that the evening was a great success. SAQ is to write to Diana and Richard Morgan and Mrs. Phyllis Rollinson thanking them for their hospitality. KT presented them with a card and a plant on the evening of the picnic.

The late Tony Deviny: A collection in memory of Tony Deviny was made at the Picnic meeting. £31.50 is to be sent to the Ghurkha Association, as requested at his memorial service.

Chairman’s Report:
Several emails have been received from MKHA dealing with the new Discover Milton Keynes Shop. MKHA are seeking input from members, who can put on small exhibitions which will be subject to a “house style”. The house style guidelines are set out in an email dated 24th June, 2008.

MKHA is also asking for volunteers to staff the shop in shifts. PT mentioned that she had visited the shop and looked at the current exhibition (MK at war).

Further monthly exhibitions are scheduled as follows:
July       Big Players of Milton Keynes (talents of MK sport, arts and the media)
August     Milton Keynes Works! (MK’s celebrated inventors and innovators)
September Milton Keynes Works! (Discovering the unique heritage in and around the city)

Discover MK – My “Milton Keynes at War” Story: MKHA are endeavouring to collect memories of MK citizens’ experiences in war and times of conflict. An explanatory letter with space for a story has been sent to members of MKHA and we have given one to each member of SHS, asking them to write a few lines, if possible and to let us have a copy for our own archives.

Buckinghamshire Local History Network is holding their Annual Conference and Fair on Saturday, 4th October at Walton High, Milton Keynes. The subject this year is Buckinghamshire’s Transport History. Tickets cost £10.

September Open Meeting: The theme for our 2008 Open Day is to be “Pumps and Praises” (Publicans and Landlords). The following headings were noted:

St. Lauds Church, the Methodist Chapel, the Congregational Chapel, the Friends Meeting House (the Quakers)

The White Hart, the Swan, Crown & Castle, Royal Oak (the Brew House), Rose & Crown (Virginia Stores)

Treasurer’s Report:
We have three new members making the total members 42.

Sheila Line has agreed to do the SHS flower arrangement for the Flower Festival in St. Lauds; this year’s theme is The Elements.

Secretary’s Report:
No emails have been received.

SCAN: The biography of Paul Mann by his daughter, Julia Wilson, is to be used as our article for the July SCAN. SAQ is working on two further articles – Bill and Ben Line and the Exhumation of the body of Gertrude West in 1935. MV suggested we use Harry Hickson’s War Diary for the November SCAN.

June Newsletter: The committee congratulated MV on the new booklet format he produced for the June newsletter, which has now been circulated to members.

September Newsletter: SAQ asked for suggestions for the September Newsletter: Selected items from the minutes; June picnic; new members; July Newport Pagnell meeting, Open Day information; Scarecrows; ask for suggestions for the venue for January 2009 Jolly.

Links on the Website: When offering to send us a list of errors on our website regarding the Graveyard Inscription, Eileen Goodall raised the question of a direct link to her website from our own. SAQ told the committee that EG stressed that sending us the correction list was not dependent upon such a link; SAQ replied to EG advising her that there is a link between the two websites under the heading of Cyndi’s List.
The committee decided that any links shown directly on the SHS website should be limited to Sherington organisations and MKHA links as at present.

AOB: None. The meeting closed at 9:40pm.


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