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SHS Meeting Minutes 96


Notes from the Sherington Historical Society Committee Meeting No. 96, 23rd September 2008


Present: Mark Vale, Kay Turrell, Pearl Teasdale, Caroline Leslie.

Apologies: Sheila Quinn

Matters Arising:

MK Heritage AGM: Mark was not able to attend. We will send our annual membership payment of £30 by post.

Chairman’s Report:
Newsletter. Changes have been made to the September issue and 25 copies produced. Pearl offered to fold the newsletters and pass them to Caroline for distribution before the Open Day on Saturday, 27th September.

MK Heritage. HODS – no feedback as yet. Mark enjoyed his sponsored bike ride to local churches in support of Historical Churches.
Lucy Bedford, who works for MK Council, has offered to display information of local groups.

Living Archive. Offer of a course on ICT skills has been received via e-mail. Caroline to investigate the course.

Secretary’s Report:
Sheila has submitted the SCAN article for October – this is about the Exhumation of a Mrs West.
For the November SCAN, Mark wishes to produce an article from Harry Hickson’s War Diaries.

E-mails and Correspondence:
julia.braithwaite@mkcvo – e-mail enquiring if we require ICT help. Theatre tickets at reduced rates are also available. Mark has replied stating we do not require ICT help, but we will keep our options open in case other items of interest are available. - e-mail requesting information on the setting up of our scarecrow event. Mark has e-mailed a reply with a rough outline and has given permission for some of our photographs to be used.

Ian Collinge sent an e-mail informing us of his additions to the web site. Eighteen tables from Chibnell’s book, which include lists of landholders for various years, muster survey, cottages etc have been included.

Open Day: A rough plan of the layout of tables and displays has been produced. The scarecrows will stand on the stage. There will be space for computers and scanners for Ray and Ian to work at producing copies of photographs for visitors. There are sufficient power points available for slide shows/videos/DVDs.
All archive folders to be available, as will be old bottles, enamel sign and millennium box. We will make use of the committee room for these. There will also be pictures in frames on display.
Refreshments, including some homemade cakes will be available to serve with tea and coffee.
Kay to check on the supplies and purchase milk for the refreshments. Kay will also purchase food for lunch.
It was agreed to display the Keech Cottage hospice box and a bowl for contributions towards refreshments.
Pearl has purchased extra raffle tickets and will supply a float.
There will be a sales table for notelets, cards, pictures, books.
It was agreed to commence setting up on Friday evening from 7 pm, as the Bowls Club will not be meeting.
Help on Saturday morning has been organised from 10.00 am. Mark and Kay will endeavour to be at the Village Hall from 9.30 am.

Sherington on Show – 11th October in Sherington Village Hall: It was agreed to display one board of posters giving information of past meetings, including one from the Pumps and Praises Open Day. There will also be a poster to advertise our forthcoming event on 14th October, when Connie Hilton will be giving a talk on “Working at Odells Ironmongers, Newport Pagnell”.

Christmas Cards: Caroline has painted two brilliant scenes - one of carol singers at the St Laud’s Church Lychgate and the other a view looking across the field from the High Street to St Laud’s Church. Mark promised to scan them and try to produce a test card for each design.

Fishing Trip: Mark will endeavour to print some photographs of this event, which is organised by Philip Smith.

Forthcoming events: The next two meetings, ie 14th October and 11th November, will be Open Evenings. Both these meetings will follow the usual format. ie Entrance Fee £1 for members and £2 for visitors; there will be a raffle and refreshments.

AOB: Date of next meeting: 21st October at 7.30 pm. Venue to be arranged.

Meeting ended at 21.50 pm (and 9 seconds!).

Pearl was thanked for her hospitality.


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