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SHS Meeting Minutes 98


Notes from the Sherington Historical Society Committee Meeting No. 98
Held on the 18th November


Present: Mark Vale, Kay Turrell, Pearl Teasdale, Caroline Leslie and Sheila Quinn.

The minutes of meeting 97 were approved and duly signed by MV.

Matters Arising:

The photographs of the children’s fishing trip are now in the archive.

Secretary’s Report:
SAQ has received a reply to her letter of thanks to Connie Hilton of the Newport Pagnell Historical Society.
SAQ has written and submitted an article for the December SCAN. It is a copy of an article in the Parish Magazine of February, 1912.

Chairman’s Report:
MV had received an email from Gareth Pacetti, the Project Officer of Outreach MK, inviting members of MKHA to the Re-launch of Outreach MK. MV will reply to GP thanking him for the invitation but declining as it can offer no benefits to us.
An invitation has been received to attend a Heritage Lottery Advice Evening at the Discover Milton Keynes shop on the 20th November. It clashes with the MKHA Members’ meeting, which is on the same date in the CMK Library! The MKHA has a new Chairman – Dave Muston.

Welcome Pack:
MV is to make some further amendments before submitting the grant application form to MKHA for a Heritage Grant to cover the cost of printing the Welcome Pack.

2009 Calendar:
Following the sudden death of Peter Gardner, who was scheduled to give a film show in February, MV suggested that we ask Oliver Powell if he can put a program together from extracts from some of PG’s films. Philip Smith will be asked to present the program and the evening will be in honour of the late Peter Gardner.

December Histericals::
Same format as previous years. SAQ will order the wine and fruit juice from the Virginia Stores. We will be able to use the New Thursday Group glasses. Committee members will supply suitably festive CDs. KT will ask Enid Pepper if she has some quizzes we can use on the evening; PT has some that can be used if Enid does not.

AOB: Avril Atkinson of Griggs Orchard has been approached by the NP Hist. Soc., who have asked if a guided walk around Sherington can be arranged. PT has asked Philip Smith, who has agreed to conduct the tour. It was thought that either June or July would be the best months to consider – whichever suits NPHS best.

Christmas Cards: KT has produced packs of mixed small Christmas cards using Caroline Leslie’s past designs. She has also printed large cards using Caroline’s new paintings of St. Laud’s, with and without carol singers.

The meeting closed at about 10pm. Thanks to Pearl for her hospitality. The next committee meeting will be in January.

Next Committee Meeting: Tuesday, 6th January, 2009
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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