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Dear Members.

We wish to welcome a new member David Coe, from Park Rd.

Log Books, We are now deep in the throws of transcribing the school log books. the first volume of 200 pages has been completed, & a further 200 pages from volume 2 (500 pages) Pearl has volunteered to do one of the books & Sheila will do the other. All together there will be approx 1800 pages to transcribe, this will translate to about 800 pages of A4 type written sheets There is a fifth volume but that is currently in use so I am not sure at this time how we can do this one. but no doubt we will find a way.

Punishment Book. We have photo copied this as it was only 30 pages & the book itself is worthy of this treatment. Starting at the year 1900 & then it peters out in the middle fifties. It was mandatory to keep this punishment record book, during this period. Of course these days there is not a punishment book nor indeed any punishment worth noting. Look in this book to find out if your Sherington ancestors were naughty enough to be entered into this book.

Edith Lucas. The reproduction of Edith Lucas’s pictures in the form of Calendars, Cards & Notelets etc. is still ongoing, your committee is still investigating ways of reproduction, by commercial methods, but economically & they must be of professional quality. The Parish Council have also stated that unless the profit we make is substantial we should keep it all ourselves. We have also received permission to copy the enclosure documents of 1797. these will hopefully be don, funded by a lottery grant under the auspices of the Heritage Association, by a company in Biggleswade.

We must congratulate Philip on his book ‘Sherington Voices’. we have obtained a copy for SHS. So when it is out of print members will still be able to read it.

E-mails. We have received quite a few E-mails from various people, one enquiring about Bed & Breakfast. But two of them quite interesting about the Petts & Kraker families. Both well known in Sherington in the last century & earlier. From the Petts we have received five new very good photos, by E-mail of course. The group photo of school children on Empire day especially.

Talks. Our next meeting will be a film show by that well known duo, Philip & Peter. This will be on October 8th, at 8pm. in the village hall. The film will be entitled ‘The Story of a Buckinghamshire Village’. Taking on the usual format, an all ticket affair lasting until approx 9pm then tea, coffee biscuits & the archives will be on show. We will also be holding a raffle with some good prizes, but we would like a volunteer to sell tickets on the night, can you help please.

Finances, The acconts, according to your treasurer are still very healthy, very little change during this quiet Summer period.

The Community Raffle. We now have enough volunteers (4) to sell the tickets in CMK. but remember that we would like you to sell some to your friends. the selling date has been extended until January, so you should have plenty of opportunity over the Christmas period. we will be selling at CMK on the 22nd of November in the afternoon. You could win a brand new V.W. Beetle.

Meeting. Philip brought along to the last meeting his collection of audio tapes & we heard some delightful Bucks/Northants voices, one whose favourite saying was "Well, b*gger me" with a voice as broad as you can get. This despite a few problems with his recorder. Thank you Philip, for your explanations & comments.

Radio Programmes. Listen in to Three Counties Radio, from 6-30 – 7-00am or 9-30 – 10-00 am. Week commencing Monday 7th Oct, & you may hear Toby Friedner talking about Sherington ,to Philip & Norman. in the White Hart.

Don’t forget that if you do have anything to say about how you would like the society to function or change or do for you , please let let this newsletter know, or even contact one of your committee members know.

Next meeting October the 8th 2002, at 8pm.’

The Story of a Buckinghamshire Village’

tickets £1-00 accompanied children 50p.

But! Free to members.



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