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Dear Members.

Gillian Skinner, our newest member & who is related to the old Sherington Nursaw family came to our January meeting & was introduced to the members present. Gillian also brought a very interesting photograph album with her.

  1. Enclosure Documents: Colin Davis has transcribed some of the Enclosure Documents onto paper and disc. & is in the process of transcribing the rest. For which we say thank you Colin you have made a first class job, I must admit I was struggling with these.
  2. The Old Cow House: Brian Giggins of MK Planning Office contacted NA and has given us the council file relating to the planning permission application for the building on the site of the Old Cow House in Crofts End. The file contains copies of the plans for the new dwellings, together with a very good set of photographs of the interior of the Cow House. A file on Sherington is available at the Planning Office if any member would like to view it. Contact Brian Giggins. Brian is responsible for the listed buildings & planning within the village envelope etc.
  3. Village Fete: Norman & Mark attended the first meeting about the Village Fete to be held on 21st June. The plans for the fete are far more adventurous than past fetes and NA & MV felt that we should wait and see what sort of site we were offered before committing ourselves. Other representatives at the fete meeting expressed the view that SHS should participate. Pearl suggested that we incorporate a quiz based on photographs etc. any other suggestions ?
  4. SHS Photographs: NA suggested to the members that we photograph each member for our files. It was pointed out to members that we have photographs of other clubs and societies but very few of our own. There was general agreement to the suggestion, albeit with some (bad hair day) reservations!!
  5. Yew Tree Farm: Several photographs added to the file courtesy of Mr. Mrs. Morgan and Mrs. Rollinson. We now have several really good pictures of The Farm, prior to this we only had one quite poor picture.
  6. Sherington Mound: Pearl has contributed a photographic record of the building of the Mound collected when she was Clerk to the PC. There are more to come & other contemporary pictures that we can add to the mound collection.
  7. Calendars: NA asked for comments on the calendar he produced for members. Several comments were made including "Neat", "Colour should be co-ordinated" (SAQ’s fault – she owned up to not getting to Staples to buy the necessary paper to match the backing card!!!), "Could be larger", "Pleasant surprise to receive it", "Envelope should be included in the price". All of these were taken on board. Alan Simms (Virginia Stores) thinks that we could market them for £3.50 – Enid and Sheila Q thought that £3.00 would be a more appropriate price. Philip Smith asked about a 12 page calendar with a different picture on each page but it was pointed out that the cost would be too high. The committee had previously priced having the calendar produced commercially but that proved to be far too expensive. A small number (50-75) will be produced for 2004 and put on sale at the Village Fete (if we have a stand) and also in the village shop.
  8. Sherington Murder Book: 50 copies of the third edition has been printed and already a good number have been sold. The price is the same as previously at £2-00 or £2-50 by post.
  9. 2003 Program: A provisional program for 2002 has been made. Philip Smith was asked to present one of his Bygone Evenings and the 8th April was agreed upon. The Committee have suggested that we have another Open Day and it is proposed that this is held in conjunction with the Thursday Group’s Coffee Morning, which will probably be held on August Bank Holiday Monday, 25th. A joint event should be of benefit to both organisations.
  10. NOTE: Enid mentioned that the Thursday Group will have Elizabeth Carter as a guest speaker on the 5th June. Her subject is Victorian Funerals and Enid suggested that SHS members would find the subject of interest and would be welcome if they wanted to attend. NA thanked Enid for the invitation.

11 Our first event for 2003: will be on Tuesday, 11th February and will be a film show based on the Sherington Feasts. Usual format of ticket price, raffle and refreshments will apply. Projectionists: Phil Smith & Peter Gardner. This will be our next meeting & the film show will be entitled. "In The Days of Shefco"., on Tuesday Feb 11th at 8pm. For those that cannot remember Shefco was a group of villagers who got together as a committee, to promote, among other things the Sherington Feasts, It’s a Knockout competitions, fund raising activities & a whole lot more.

12 Finances: Mark reported that we have a bank balance of £1,163.74 plus £50 petty cash. It was suggested that we open a Flex Account at the Nationwide Building Society, where our main Treasurers Account is held. A cheque account would make payment of bills easier than at present. Pearl suggested that we open a Giro Account at the post office; Thursday Club has such an account. It also helps to add business to our own village post office –SAQ is to obtain the necessary forms.

13 Interest: Thanks to Gillian for bringing along her photo album with lots of new photos of her Nursaw family & their home, 'Laundry Cottage' in School Lane..

14 Thanks to Anita for Tea and Coffee and for the mince pies.


Programme 2003.

Tues. Feb. 11th Film Show entitled "In the Days of Shefco" (about feasts, it’s a knockouts, and the events leading up to these events).

Tues. March 11th AGM.

Tues. April 8th Philip Smith will present one of his "Bygones" evenings. Slides photos & a whole lot of tale telling.

Tues. May 13th Will be an ordinary evening.

Tues. June 10th Will be an ordinary evening.

Sat. June 21st Will be the Village Fete Day, our course of action yet to be decided.

Tues. July 8th Alan Richardson (the Olney postcard man) Will present a slide show entitled " The Victorian Camera " this will consist of local, old slides, and talking about the way photography has grown into our lives.

Mon. Aug 25th If possible to arrange, a shared event with the Thursday group. Coffee morning & Historical Society show.

Tues. Sept. 9th Will be an ordinary meeting.

Tues. Oct. 14th Dianne Sutton will be talking to us about our 1872 Murder, with the added research that she has done.

Tues. Nov. 11th Will be an ordinary meeting.

Tues. Dec. 9th Will be our Christmas social.


Stop Press.:- We have been given a rather superior photo copier, by Alan Barber. This is the copier that we have been using for the past 2 years at Alan's shop in Newport, at no charge to SHS, he has now upgraded his shop machine so passed on his perfectly serviceable copier to us. Thank you Anne & Alan.


Don't forget this is your NEWSLETTER if you have anything to add please let me know.


From the Log books……..

May 4th 1944. ……..PC. Knibbs visited and warned the children against picking up unknown objects in fields and lanes.

June 12th 1944. Grace Oxlade; an evacuee who has been here since the outbreak of war, returned to London on Saturday.



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