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Dear Members,

We are saddened by the death of Vic Moxham & have sent our condolences to his family. Vic was one of natures gentlemen.

But welcome Avril Atkinson our newest Member.

Film Show. Peter started with an apology for the 26 year old films that we were about to see. About the appalling condition of the films & the poor sound, how ashamed Peter was of showing such rubbish. None of this self-depreciation was justified, the film was one of the ‘JEMS’of Peter’s collection.

First part was a collection of clips of the run-up to the 1977 Sherington Feast. Then after the break for tea, coffee & biscuits, a longer look at the Feast itself.

The interviews with Fred Field, Rhoda Dorrill, Ol’ Sedgie, Ol’ Mrs Borton, Jack Lloyd, Mr. Markham, George Fleet, etc. were classic. How very fortunate Sherington can consider itself, to have had two men so far sighted as Peter & Philip, to record both in sound & film the now, past characters of this village. Jack Lloyd summed it up by saying that he was so impressed by the enthusiasm that was generated, not just by the few dedicated villagers, but by the whole village, it appeared that everyone took part in the event, in one way or another.

Philip & Peter, the village must be so grateful to you both, THANK YOU. Again, these films are so important to the heritage of Sherington they must be preserved and also regularly aired. More about that later on. They are lessons about community spirit to the younger generations. (Anyone under 65 )

All of the audience stayed right to the end approx 10-15pm There is a measure of your film’s success Peter.

James Boon. We may have located a descendant of our murder victim, a Dr. Starr who feels he is related to the James Boon who was killed. We now have a copy of James death certificate. This will be put into the next edition of the murder book.

Photo Album. The Members Photo Book has been started & I would be grateful if all members would let me have a copy of their favourite photo of themselves, just to borrow so that I can copy & reproduce this for the album. Ideally it would be head & shoulders, not too small to make the copying fuzzy. I will take a photo if you would like me to.

Village Fete. We are still on the fence as far as the Village Fete is concerned, I feel it is too early for the organisers to have any firm plan, so we cannot commit ourselves to the final decision until we have some commitment from the Fete organisers as to the accommodation they will allow us. I think we should take part if we possibly can.

Sherington Walk. Sheila has received a request from the Two Village Archive Trust, who would like to organise a walk round Sherington. T.V.A.T. ( Broughton & MK Village historical society ) Philip will be conducting this for them on Monday 14th July, starting at 7 pm & probably ending at the Swan later. Any members from Sherington are welcome to take part..... Mrs Dawe, our contact, expects about 20 of their members to attend. It will be a useful way to make a connection with another society. They are also members of the MKHA.

Snippets Book. The committee thought it would be a good idea to start a book to jot down the little details that keep coming to light, that are interesting at the time, but then are passed over & possibly forgotten. The little fact that started this was that ‘Ben Line played the organ for a Spiritualist Church in Bedford’, it seemed such an unlikely activity for Ben !

Viking. SHS now has an account with Viking Direct, (stationery company) this may benefit us, not because they are necessarily cheaper, but because they may give us access to a wider range of goods than are available over the counter at Staples, Smiths & Office world. It is next day delivery & postage free over £30-00. This will be available to any members who require stationery. Look in our large catalogue.

Meeting. Our next meeting will be on March 11th, at 8 pm. It is most important that you all do your best to attend this one, as it will be our 3rd A.G.M. and we will have some important issues to discuss. But they will not take a lot of your time.


Stop Press,

We had something like 75 people present at the Film Show, 17 of whom were members..... £52-00 was taken for ticket sales..... £62-00 for the raffle & .....£20-29 contributions to the Tea & Coffee fund........ People are really so generous.

The cost of the evening to SHS was approx £35-00



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