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Dear Members,

Thank you all who were able to attend the 3rd AGM. We are now into our 4th year as a village organisation, well done, without your support it would never have happened.

I have very little to put into this newsletter, as things have been very quiet.

The AGM. The mixture very much as before, you have the same committee, despite the invitations to take our places, Sheila, Mark, Pearl & myself. I heard mutters of, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

There was nothing contentious in the agenda, or in the matters arising, or in fact anywhere. So the evening went along smoothly & the business completed in half an hour or so. A copy of the minutes will be on the notice board at the next meeting. Which will be Philips Bygones evening.

CD Recording. One item that did arise was to investigate the possibility of recording ALL of Peter Gardner's Sherington films. This every one agreed was a very worthwhile project. So it will be a project for us to take on board. I have some information from various recording companies, but as yet we are not in any position to give you any idea of cost.

24, School Lane. We have been loaned the deeds to this property, as most of you will know our worthy Hon. Sec. SAQ has recently moved into this bungalow. For such a recently built property there was a mass of paperwork. The land, that the properties on the corner of School Lane ( formerly Parson's Lane ) & Crofts End ( formerly Calve's End) were built on, belonged to the Diocese & in the charge of the Old Rectory. The old document showing the transference of this land to the developer is amongst these & also copies of several death certificates. In all about 150, A4 sheets.

Newspaper Cuttings. We have been loaned another of Philip's gems, in the form of a scrapbook of newspaper cuttings, dating from Circa 1953. These have all now been copied onto A4 pages, unfortunately the pictures are not brilliant, but the important parts, the words are good. I know that the Local Studies Centre have most of the local papers on micro film so if anyone wants to get better copies of the cuttings we have, they are all there.

Visitors. Sherington will have a visit from Trish & Roger Young, now living in Chipping Sodbury, Trish is related to William White, who in 1861 was the landlord of the Crown & Castle. In 1861 the Crown & Castle was auctioned in the Swan Hotel, Newport, as part of the estate of a farmer - landowner from Hurst End, North Crawley. This has all come about by the power of the internet, our website & the E-mails that have been flying back & forth between us.

The next meeting will be on April 8th Philip's "Byegones" 8 pm Sherington Village Hall. Tickets on sale 1-00 etc. etc. N.A.


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