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Dear Members,

Bygones Evening. Our last meeting, Philip's 'Bygones Evening' was probably the best that he has done yet, totally un-scripted, although I would think some rehearsal had taken place elsewhere. We were treated to the unusual tales from Sherington, this time backed up by music & song, (but no dancing) again a rare treat. Relating the tales of when he & others, were a bit younger, of the words that were commonly sung to hymns both ancient & modern, by the younger & possibly more inventive of us. This was Sherington's Philip at his best & that was just the first half.

Second half, was a slide show, again pictures we had never seen before keep coming onto his screen, as well as some old favourites, but all well worthy of a showing & with a tale to tell. All of this would not have been possible without the aid of 'Tom' the projectionist & slide changer, thank you Tom.

As an aside, the evening showed a profit of over £55 thanks to the generosity of the Sherington villagers. The raffle £39…..Tea & coffee donations £12-33……..Ticket sales £29. People do like a raffle !

Village Fete It would appear that the Village Fete organisation is going on at some speed, but we still have not any firm commitment to this. As the organisers have not given us any guidance on where or how we are supposed to exhibit. But we have taken the heading "Sherington at War" as a theme & advertised in Scan for help on this, as we have not too much material in our archives, on this subject. So we are appealing to you all if you were in the war or the services, or had relations in the services, please dig out yours photos, Pay books, release books, papers, anything related 1st or 2nd war, or even earlier or later. Even if you did not live in Sherington then, all will be carefully preserved & copied.

SHS Advertising.70 Sherington SHS calendars are in the in the process of being produced. These will be completed in time for sale at the Fete. about £3-00, Also it is hoped to have some reproduction Sherington postcards for sale. 50p or there abouts. There maybe other things as well, if time allows…….There are murder books & school. books still in stock.

School Log Books. David Coe is still plugging away at his school log book copying, it’s a long job isn't it, David ?. Specially with only one, or two fingers at best, available. Any offers for some help ?

Evacuees. Some information that has come to light for those of you who were evacuated during the 2nd war. There is an association for evacuees, & also a web-site, for the association. The man who informed me of this did not know the specific address, but said it was easy to find.

Publicity & Fundraising. Sheila & Norman attended a seminar at held at Bletchley Park, run by MKHA. Although this was not designed for our type of society, more for museums, a number of points were appropriate & it was thought to be a worthwhile exercise for us to attend. Also it was free & a nice day out. Our publicity, fundraising & more importantly displays, according to the expert need to be looked at, at the same time bearing in mind that we are not looking to attract large fee paying audiences. But we could go some way towards making our displays more informative & attractive. The fundraising side we felt was inappropriate for us.

Photos. We are still short of photos for the members photo album. Please let me have your photos of your selves. & a short note about yourself, if you wish some words included.

New Album. A new photo album has been compiled based on the village reunions that Philip Smith ran around the 1980s, Philip has passed all of his pictures to us & all of his reunion correspondence. This has now been made up into a folder / album. Which will be invaluable for future generations' research into the village social history. Some really lovely pictures & letters from villagers & ex-villagers.

Meetings. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday May 13th & will be a general discussion meeting. ………….Liz Carter will speaking to the Thursday Group about Victorian Funeral Arrangements, (an open evening). …………..Alan Richardson will be talking to us about the Victorian Age of the Camera. More about that later.

This is still your newsletter, please give me your praises, grumble or grouses, for me to include here, just to make a change from just my views.

Don't forget to VOTE on Thursday !!



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