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Dear Members,

Some notes from the general meeting held on 13th May.

Norman & Sheila have now finished making 70, 2004 calendars for sale at the village fete, & later events. Price to be 3-00. These are in various coloured covers and come with an envelope.

Aerial Photos. Recently a salesman has been circulating the village selling aerial views of various properties. Norman was able to negotiate a good price on the unsold residue of the stock. 30 photos at 1-00 each. These will form the basis of a unique view of the village.

A re-union album has been formed based on the re-unions that Philip has held in the past around the 1980s. This is a unique collection of old villagers images & the correspondence that took place between Philip, representing the village & the far flung villagers who could and could not attend these functions. Ernie Rickett took most of the original black and white photos.

The Village Fete is gathering apace, we have collected together quite a mass of photos of old service men and (not many) women, with a snippet of information about each. It does look like4 Scotland Yard's rogues gallery. Each member was asked to sell some raffle tickets to help promote the Fete, at 1-00 each, the seller makes 50% of the ticket sales for the SHS. Ted Pepper has been asked to make up finger post signs for the Manor grounds site. We have been allocated an area next the 'Beer' tent., being run by Pat Quinn, on the moat island.

Monday, August 25th, the day of our joint venture with the New Thursday Group coffee morning, we have to thank the bowls club for giving up their normal bowling afternoon for this show.

Chicheley hall, Helen Vale has suggested that we arrange a visit, possibly again in conjunction with the New Thursday Group, and also a re-visit to the Local Studies Centre at CMK.

David Coe has volunteered to give us a short talk on Sherington School during the war years, based on the Log Book he is now transcribing.

Visitors Book We had some discussion about the merits of a book for visitors to comment on our shows, we do get virtually no feedback as to whether the visitors enjoyed the show or more importantly what they would like to see in future. Kay suggested we open one for the fete day. There has been some vandalism in the visitors book in the church.

Members Album, there are still quite a few members who have not submitted to the painful task of supplying a photo or submitting to having their photo taken.

Current Events. Enid suggested as a way of attracting the interest of younger/newer members of the village, files should be kept on current events e.g. School, Playgroup, Mayday, etc.

Bank balance. There is approx. 1.200 in the bank at this time.

Mark Vale, informed the members that he wishes to retire from his post as treasurer, at the end of this year, he wishes to remain a member of the committee, & also a member of the Society. His commitment remains, but feels that his domestic and work load leave him less time than he would like to devote to the Society. He was thanked for his past work. David Coe will consider whether he can fill this position. Unless there are any other volunteers.

Refreshments. Tuesday 10th June 2003. at 8pm.



We would also like some volunteers to man the tables at the village fete, we will be setting up from probably 10 am, then the fete proper opens at 12 noon and runs on until 5pm. We would not expect anyone to be there all the time. But an hours spell would be much appreciated. This, according to the organisers, is going to be a large event and most organisations in the village will be represented, there will be many people from outside the village and we are hoping for a lot of interest, please help if you can.




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