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Dear Members.

Sherington Fete. This is just about accomplished now. For our theme Sherington at War, we have amassed quite a considerable number of photos of servicemen from the first and second world wars, but only one women, a land army girl from WW1. We also have some copies of service documents, including one mention in dispatches, several army newspapers and a regimental war diary, going from D-day to hostilities ceasing in May 1945. Jesse, Norman Sheila, Kay have volunteered to cover the day, but we would like to see all of you during the afternoon, if only for your comments on the display, and maybe get us a cup of tea.

Cine Film. The latest developments on this project. NA contacted three companies, one of whom could not do it, one quoted aprox. 1000 one quoted 1400. We cannot justify a cost like that at this time. SAQ has been in contact with Anglia TV who put her on to the University of East Anglia who said that it falls under the auspices of the southern section, but if they were not interested then the U of E A would be. NA and SAQ attended a funding seminar at the OU on Saturday 14th June. Apart from the organisations who would only fund charities, we came away with several hopeful addresses, some of which we have already tried for earlier grants, unsuccessfully. But we will persevere a bit longer.

Both Peter and Philip have stated that they can do this job at home, but it is the fact this will take a considerable number of hours of their precious spare time.

Visitors Book. We have now obtained an A5 size book for visitors to comment in and sign. Any visitors to the village that have any dealings with SHS, will be asked to sign and comment. So it is up to you all to keep this in mind and keep an eye on the book. We know that the church book has been scribbled in by children and we would not want to happen to ours.

Aerial Photos. Seven more aerial photos have been obtained of parts of the village. I hasten to add that these are small areas of the village and are all different. We have only one of the complete village and that is fairly poor quality. We now have a volume with just aerial pictures in it and we can sell colour copies to members for 2-00 each.

Deanshanger. NA attended the show in their village hall run by Deanshanger Village Heritage Soc. It was very well attended by the public as well as by members, they have 90 members who subscribe 1-00 each, which means they have a lot more people to call upon for shows and things, but they still do not raise any more funds. But they are supported by other village organisations, like scouts and guides, WI, Fetes, vegetable shows, etc. Maybe you all would like to think about this and tell us your comments.

Next Meeting will be ALAN RICHARDSON talking about the Victorian Camera starting at 8pm on Tuesday 8th July.. (my apologies for this un-illustrated newsletter, but no time)



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