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Dear Member,

With no adverse comments resulting from the 1st Newsletter, here is the second one for you.

The most important event this month, so far was the plannining application by J.W.Cook & Sons to demolish the 18th C. barn on the corner of High St & Croft End, to make way for 2 semi-detached, 2 bed roomed stone house, for renting. SHS sent awareness letters to the following, The PC, J.W. Cook, The Local Studies Centre, MK Museum, Aylesbury Records Office & the MK Planning Office. Awareing these august bodies of the barns age, over 250 years, its name as an oxen house, cow house or stable also that it has some unique to Sherington, architectral features.

The outcome of this was that all 7 counillors present at the December PC meeting voted to support the planning application for the demolition & redevelopment. Let us hope that in years to come when asked the question, “Why was this agriculturaly & historicaly important Sherington building demolished,” that they can answer truthfully that “It WAS the right thing to do”. Likewise the faceless beings in CMK... Because when it is gone, that will be forever.....As a society, our constitution does not allow us to get involved in any planning dispute.... We have details of what we know of this barn on file & Michael Cook has stated we can photograph the demolition etc. So we will be able to refer back to the building, at least on paper.

A rather superior box has been manufactured by Ted Pepper & NA to house the Millennium Project archives. Thanks Ted. “The Arnold-Pepper Water Lane Box Manufacturing Co.”

Profit on the ‘William Cowper’ evening was approx. £36, after expenses. Bottles of wine were given to messrs Smith & Gardner, with letters of thanks. There are several more shows & talks to come from their archives.

The Christmas party was a huge success, 17 adults & Jessica, thank you all for a good turnout. Thank you all also for the nibbles & drinks that you brought along it was truly a festive evening. Time for everyone to have a chat etc. Also to play one of Enid,s / Anita’s party games of guess the cartoon caption. This was won by Sheila with a score of 25 out of 27 possibles. The prize was a bottle of wine. Nice to see Ted & Pat. For all the members that for one reason or another could not attend, have very nice Christmas & Good New Year.

Ollie finaly succeeded in making the old computer spring into life & was showing the Sherington Tour pictures, that is something that could be expanded, maybe for ou March event.

Mark supplied the background music, that made the evening a bit brighter.

Norman gave a brief resume on the Mercer’s Farm Barn situation, & on the on the problems drawing the Millennium Project to a conclusion. This has been a project that has stumbled from one crisis to another. Fortuneatly Mike & Sue Tofts have volunteered to finish off the Perry Lane end of the project. Martin Jeeves now has other committments.


There is another iniative from Milton Keynes Heritage Assc. following on from the ‘Jewels project.’ This one covers scanning, archiving, audio & video digitising & CD rom archiving. If anyone is interested in this programme, please talk to Norman, Sheila or Mark. It was just such a programme that set up our own SHS web-site last year. It is all free, & the classes can be run to suit your convenience. This is a golden opportunity for some free IT tuition.

We have had an E-mail from a young lady named Harriet Fenn, who lived in Sherington 18 years ago at 16 High St. This is the time when the cottage was named ‘Harriett’s End’ indeed the parents named the cottage after the daughter. Harriett is now a PA to a company in Berks & lives in the Windsor area. As she has promised to pay Sherington a visit, next year, we will no doubt be able to take an historical photo of Harriett by Harriett’s End. More on this as time goes by.


Forthcoming events:

June Tues. 11th ‘A Walk an’ Talk’. Philip Smith (Now confirmed). A stroll round Sherington, with Philip as ourguide.


A synopsis of data obtained:


Don’t forget, this is your newsletter & if you have anything to add or comment about SHS. this is the place to do it.



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