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Dear members,

I am sorry that this newsletter is so late. I seem to spend most of the time now apologising for late publications, there must be moral in this somewhere.

Only seven members at our last meeting, What's going on ? We had two new members attend this meeting, June and David, new villagers from Hill View. I hope we can maintain their interest. welcome June and David.

I had occasion to go to Emberton to visit Mr & Mrs Edward Ellis. Mrs Ellis has just published her magnificent volume on the last 50 years history of Emberton village, a mammoth task and a vast tome. The whole volume including the photographs is also published on a CD with some recordings of various choir singing. It is a superb work. We, naturally have copies in our archives of both publications. There are references to our village and also to some of our residents.

Our Sherington Village Fete archive is still growing, it includes photos of the scarecrows, some of the office paperwork that led up to the forming of the fete. we also have copies on CD of the website photos, taken by Ian Collinge, some 100 or so are in the process of being printed for publication in the archive. We have published in SCAN a request for more copies of Fete photos, so if any of you have any, we would like to borrow them.

We now have access to an A3 lamination machine, this like all our other equipment will be available for use by other organisations, at a nominal cost. While on this subject we have now enough capital equipment to warrant our insuring with the rest of the village hall users on their group insurance. And I have approached the village hall secretary for inclusion in their policy about 600 I estimate our equipment is worth. This does not include our archives.

St Peters graveyard in Tyringham has now been surveyed and all the readable memorial inscriptions have been recorded, we have these together in one volume, with historical notes and photos.

We will be selling raffle tickets in CMK for the VW Beetle again, a convertible this year. The date is Friday morning Dec 12th. We have 4 volunteers to sell these on the day , but a couple more bodies would help a lot. ?????

On the 2nd Oct the New Thursday Group have an open evening, an excellent talk by Audrey Collins, entitled 'Women at War' this is a super talk about the role of women in wartime at home, in industry and in the services. Audrey will be in costume I have heard and seen this talk and it is worth going to.

Don't forget that Dianne Sutton will be giving us a new account on our very own Murder on Tuesday October the 14th. 8pm.

(No pictures this month, I promise to do better next time.) NA.


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