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Dear Members,

Once again we have had a superb speaker in Dianne Sutton from N’port. For those of you who could not attend, Dianne added a whole new dimension to "Our" murder in 1872. While we all know about it, to have it read out to us and shown photos of the, probable and certain in some cases, locations, it brought the whole incident to life. Dianne had also done a tremendous amount of research into the main characters involved, including two, who were related to her. The facts that have evaded her and us is what had happened to the James Sharp after he was sentenced to life in prison, he disappeared out of Bucks, Aylesbury Jail and was sent who knows where. Possibly to Broadmoor. Does anyone know ????

Thanks, Dianne and to your husband and your first class projector.

Only about 20 people in total turned out for Dianne’s talk, so we will have to think deeply about running these ‘Open’ evenings. The amount trouble people go to, to put these shows on, with so little reward, in attendance, I mean.

Our web-site had 126 ‘hits’ last month and in total over the year has had over 4,200 ‘hits’. We have also received from MKHA three computer discs called ‘Urbanis’, we are not absolutely sure what these are about. The project was instigated by the EU. And covers three countries Italy, Germany and the UK. Billed as a journey into the past. We have not had time to even unwrap these yet, but they are available for you to investigate. We are getting more discs and tapes thrust upon us, something we decided not to accept in our early days, but we must now make room for them.

Some of our lever arch files have suffered some damage, the hook clamps have got distorted and the separate pages fall out. This is caused by the files being misused, not by members but by the public not unclamping the stack of pages and then forcing the pages open. So the committee have decided to re-file into four ring – ring binders. This will mean a bit more expense and a little inconvenience as we will not be able to buy the presentation binders in the colours as we have with lever arches. We will have to see how this works out. But our sole aim is to protect the data.

Its coming up to Christmas and our next project will be selling the VW raffle tickets, we have a team of four to sell in CMK but would like a couple more, any volunteers ?? But we do hope that each member will take a couple of books to sell to their friends and family, that alone would make the project worthwhile.

Next the Christmas party, your committee has suggested, A Matching Babies to Adults competition, have any of you anything else to suggest. We think that the evening went well last year as far as food and drink are concerned, have you any comments.

We are looking for a metal cupboard to lodge in the Village Hall office as our allocated space is now full of files and stock. One of those office type cupboards about 1ft deep, 3 or 4 feet wide and 3 feet high, preferably with sliding doors. We have more space available to us, but this is now only in filing cabinets and this is not very convenient. We will keep looking at the warehouse of the CVO, but I have never seen one there.

Would you like to think about your committee, we are into our 4th year and two members of the committee have been in office all of this time. Most organisations limit the time that officers can hold their posts. Is this desirable in our case. Your committee feels that the organisation at this time is too small and is best left as it is. We have 29 members at this time.

But bear in mind not all of these members can attend meetings. Probably about a third.

Our finances are very good still according to our reluctant treasurer.

We hear on the grapevine that a new museum is to be built at CMK. This is to be a secure building and will have to be self-funding. This is to house artefacts like the ‘Torts’ that were found in MK, That have had to have replicas made because there is nowhere secure in Mk that can keep them safe. Maybe MK council have been embarrassed by this fact.

Number 47, High Street, Sherington, has a watching brief on it by Albion Archaeology. So the vandalism that has taken place on that 17th C cottage with its earlier parts, has taken place with blessing of MK archaeological officer.

The next meeting is a general meeting and I think there are some important issues to discuss, please do your best to attend. It will be in the village hall at 8pm on Tuesday 11th November 2003.




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