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Dear Members,

11th November, general meeting in the Village Hall., with apologies from Kay and good to see Gillian, Jesse and Sheila with us.

Christmas Party. The main topic was the impending Christmas party of the 9th of December. Enid has promised to DO something for us, to entertain us. The members requested the format to be similar to last year. SHS will supply some wine, and nibbles, Enid has promised mince pies, but we would welcome any contributions of food, savoury or sweet, and drink. It was also suggested that we have a "Guess the Baby" competition to match baby pictures with grown ups. So if you can supply me (Norman) with a picture of yourself as a young person and also as a grown up. We can go ahead with this. And if you have any further suggestions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 they will be very welcome.

Visit to Local Studies Centre. The combined visit of the New Thursday Group and SHS was another superb evening visit to the Local Studies Centre, CMK. hosted again by Ruth Mearden. Archivist/Librarian. Ruth put together a super presentation of Sherington information and how to locate it in the CMK Local Studies Centre. Again the evening was poorly attended, but the members who did attend were the ones who found out the wealth of information that was on offer locally.

Storage. We have been very fortunate to obtain from the CVO a very nice glass sliding door cupboard, which will solve our storage problems for the foreseeable future. Thanks go to Philip for the transporting of the aforesaid cupboard. This was not an uneventful journey according to Don & Irene and the police, who were following us down the by-pass.

While on storage, we are in the process of re-arranging our archives / files from lever arch files into 4 ring binders. We have experienced some damage to the files and lever arches, through members of the public not using L.Arch.Files correctly. Also this is a golden opportunity to get our files into some sort of logical order. Hopefully this will happen over the next several months.

Loan Book. We have also opened a loan book. So that anyone who borrows a file or whatever from SHS, needs to sign in the book to access these and sign the files back in to the office.

Raffle Tickets. The Community Foundation Raffle, that we have taken part in for past few years We have plenty of tickets for this. And some of your representatives will be selling at CMK in the morning of the 9th of December. If any one would like to help we will welcome you with open arms. ( 9am until 1-0pm ) for all or any of that period of time.

New Year Dinner. Sometime during January 2004 Kay will be arranging an evening dinner at the Swan, Sherington for members and family, more details soon. This was voted on as a good idea by the members present at this meeting. If you would like to come to this dinner, please let Kay know. We have been very impressed by the quality of food and service supplied by the new landlords of the Swan.

Maps. We have two large copies of Chibnall's Sherington field maps, hopefully these will be laminated for display to the public at our shows. Thank you Jesse.

Calendars. We still have a number of 2004 calendars for sale, either from me or from the village shop. Price 3-00 each complete with a nice white envelope. It will be a pity if we have to discard many of these as the year goes by.

Log Books. The third School Log Book Vol.4 is nearly transcribed. This bring the school history up to 1985. Some of the children and parents in this volume still live in the village. So we will have to be careful about how we allow this to be accessed. Some of the more sensitive areas will also have to be deleted. The current log book 1985 to 2004. will not be transcribed by us as this will prove to be too sensitive and may be termed as too personal. But I will suggest that all the log books be sent to the record office in Aylesbury. Unless of course all the records do come back to Milton Keynes.

Cine Films. We are still pursuing the cine to video/CD, but it seems that we either start down dead ends or a very expensive road. Also we do need to control what we hjave recorded and how. But that may all be about to change. Ollie Powell has been experimenting with this very subject. And what he has produced so far seems to me very acceptable. But what is so important will be under our guidance as a society. SHS will obviously completely fund this project. So watch this space.

The next meeting will be in the Village Hall on December 9th. Christmas party evening.


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