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Dear Members,

December's newsletter will contain very little historical news.

I hope you all had a very nice Christmas and I would take this opportunity to wish you all a very prosperous and as far as possible a stress free new year

Firstly, to recap, the Christmas party was a great success, thanks to Enid for supplying the party games, brilliant, Thank You Enid. Thanks to Pat for being a very able barman. And thank you to all of you who supplied the refreshments. The table laid out looked very tempting and festive. Kay and Mark for the hall decorations, all last minute stuff. But it all made a very nice evening. I'm sorry that I was a bit late in arriving, but a normal 2 hour journey from Breakspear Crematorium took over 3 hours. It meant I had to leave more of the preparation to Anita, Kay, Pat, Mark and the rest of you, it does prove that the society can function without me, and I am very happy about that.

We gained one new member at the party, welcome to Ella's companion, Roy Eydon. . While I am on this subject, remember the books close on the 31st December and your 2004 subscription are due on the 1st of January. Mark will be pleased to accept your contributions as soon as convenient.

The transcription of the 3rd log book {Vol.4) is nearing completion. And although our copy will have many typing and transcription mistakes it does make tremendous reading. {The archive copies on disc have been corrected.) This copy brings the Logs up to 1986 and will be the last that we will do. (Datewise). Many of the pupils and parents are still residing in the village or are still remembered. So in some, maybe sensitive areas many names will be blacked out. The names will be left on the discs, but blacked out of all copies printed.

Philip has passed on to us a copy of a document given to him, of the Act of Enclosure, as passed by Parliament during the reign of King George the Third, 1796, It includes the names of all the important landowners of the day, during the period when the rector was Alexander Cromleholme, and runs to 37 pages.

Our next meeting will be a general one, and will be on Tuesday 13th January 2004 8pm in the village hall.


This is your newsletter.


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