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Dear Members,

Welcome to a prospective new member, Eileen West and the continued attendance of Ella, both a product of the Flower Arranging club's change of meeting date.

HUB UK: Norman outlined the two meetings that he, Mark and Sheila Q have attended regarding the proposed Milton Keynes Heritage Facility. Mark has expressed the view (NA & SAQ generally agree) that MKBC are sitting on the fence and will claim credit if the project is a success but will distance themselves if it fails. It is hoped that the facility will be open in about six year’s time. (See committee notes for more) This could be one of MK's most exciting projects yet. It is too large a project to go into in this newsletter, suffice to say that if this endeavour does succeed it will make MK into a museum Town/city and will greatly enhance its status. SHS have opened a file on this project and this will be available for all members to look at, if they wish to look deeper into the nuts and bolts of the project and to monitor its progress.

UNKNOWN SHERINGTON FAMILY: Philip has passed on a collection of photographs that it is hoped someone will be able to put a family name to. They were found in a piece of furniture auctioned by Derek Ferris at the last 50/50 Auction held in the village and thoughtfully returned. Philip, however, cannot put a name to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can anyone help? The collection of photos is now in the archives in the village hall available for members and visitors to examine. It seems a shame that this very comprehensive set of albums should not be returned to the family, if they would so wish.

SCAN: We have changed our format for SCAN and, instead of writing a monthly article, photographs from the archives will be used alternating buildings and people. With some months, short passages from the School Log Books. I think members were happy with the new idea and Enid suggested that we occasionally use more up to date photos.

VILLAGE APPRAISAL: Norman has received a letter regarding the Village Appraisal and asked if any members would like to add their comments. SAQ supported the idea of a Riverside circular walk. There were no other comments, but the documents will not be returned to the PC until the end of the month so there is still time for your comments.

2004 CALENDAR: The committee has drawn up a proposed calendar of events – agreed to by the members present. It is proposed that the July meeting takes the form of an outing to Stacy Bushes Museum – it would seem that most members would attend (a minimum of 10 are required) at £2-00 per person, this can be extended to anyone, friends and relatives, and will last approx 2 hrs 7-30pm to 9-30pm. Refreshments can be available but should be ordered in advance. 26th June is the Village Flower Festival and it has been suggested by the committee that we hold another 'Afternoon of History' on the same day in the Village Hall. It would probably benefit both occasions. It is the 'Open Gardens' weekend also. (See the last page of this newsletter,)

FINANCES: Mark reported that we have an estimated £1,500 in the bank! Enid suggested that we might pay for a speaker on an evening, have you any requests for the type of subject that you would like to a talk on. Don Macfarlane proposed that we donate £25 to the SCAN, this we will do as they do well for us and also the village.

CD’s Oliver Powell is progressing with the transfer of Peter Gardner’s films to CDs. He brought two CD’s to the meeting – one a film of the village taken during a flight and the other a tour around the village by car. This journey around the village started out with Norman driving and Ollie filming and would only take an hour or so. Over three hours later with my dinner in the oven I arrived home!!!!! Nuf sed.

MILTON KEYNES COMMUNITY FOUNDATION CAR RAFFLE: Sheila circulated a letter from the organisers of the car raffle stating that £50,400 was raised by the participating groups. We will receive £122.00 for selling 244 tickets. This charity not only benefits us, but helps all types of local charity groups in MK

NEWPORT PAGNELL PHONEBOOK: Sherington was featured in two articles this month. Philip pointed out that there were some factual errors in the article giving some historical notes about Sherington. The information had not been taken from our website and Norman agreed to speak to Ian Collinge, whose website had been the source, and ask him to rectify the mistakes! OUR website was featured as website of the month all thanks due to Mark. Sherington School was featured in a separate article.

NOTELETS: Some 'mockups' of notelets we are proposing to produce using Edith Lucas paintings were passed around the members and their comments asked for. Response was positive. Some very constructive comments, these have been noted and acted upon, but more proofs will be circulated for your examination and comments. We learned our lesson with the calendars. But unlike calendars, these notelets will not go out of date and will not be so labour intensive.




MAY 11th "PHILIP'S ByeGones type" EVENING


Note: Suggested that June 26th be an "Historical Afternoon" in the Village Hall. This is the same date as the Flower Festival and would be held in conjunction with the flower festival and the open gardens which is on that weekend also.

JULY 13th OUTING – suggestions were Stacy Bushes Museum or Bletchley Park.








What about another SCARECROW weekend ???


The next meeting will be the AGM at 8pm on the 9th March. Please do your best to attend this most important event.



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