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Dear Members,

By the time this newsletter goes to press our Web-site will be under new management. Ian Collinge has agreed to relieve Mark as Web Master. Our site is still recording vast numbers of 'Hits'. On February's count we had 6,424 hits, placing us 3rd out of 24 in the MKHA web-site league table. Mark ably set up our site 3 years ago and it has remained high in the league ever since. He now has further personal pressures, but our thanks go to him for his past services.

The mistakes that were in the Newport Pagnell Phone Box, have been pointed out to the Editor of that journal, these corrections will be published in a future edition of the Phone Box. The errors were not the fault of Ian Collinge or the editor of the Phone Box, they came from various other sources, not least of which is a published volume on the history of Buckinghamshire. But all is well again now.

The AGM is now well past and we did have a reasonable attendance of members. This was not due to the fact that it was Kay's umpty umpth birthday and several bottles of wine and plates of snacks, also best part of birthday cake, made by Anita, were consumed by the members present. Many Happy returns Kay. It was suggested that possibly to make the AGM more attractive, we hold a wine and snacks party in conjunction with the AGM, your committee seconded this. (It will always be close enough to Kay's birthday to use this as a celebration, if nothing else). The new committee is the same as the old committee, except that Pearl has agreed to be treasurer to relieve Mark of that pressure, although he will remain on the committee. By the way your subs are due.

We are now in our 5th year as a society and by most peoples standards are now ESTABLISHED as a village organisation. We have a bank balance of well over a thousand pounds still. It was decided to make an annual contribution to SCAN of 25, in return for all the work they do for us and the village. Oliver is still progressing with the conversion of Peter Gardner's films to DVD. this is to be a lengthy process. We also now have a very informal written agreement with Peter about the way we can use the copies of his films. Philip has also acquired a BBC type portable tape recorder that he has passed on to us, this will be useful in taping our visiting speakers, as it has a much larger capacity than the smaller one we used before. But it does need some Ollie attention.

The Museum of Rural Life visit is booked for the evening of the meeting of July 13th. Arriving at Stacey Bushes at 7-30 pm, guided tour and refreshments following, finishing about 9-30 pm. We need a minimum of 10 and I would like your names as soon as possible, it will cost each person 2-00. The society will pay for the refreshments (and excess of any under age members). Probably meet in the village hall car park at about 7 pm to fill up cars and so on.

June the 26th, a Saturday, will be our annual show to the village of our archives etc. This is the weekend of the Flower Festival. The Village Hall has been booked from 10 am to 5 pm. We will need some volunteer help on that day, please bear the date in mind and reserve us an hour or two.

The notelet project is proceeding slowly and should be ready for sale at least by the Flower Festival weekend. Your committee have viewed these prototypes and have decided that they are of good enough quality to run off a trial batch of 20 sets. price to be approx 2-20 per set of four notelets and envelopes in a plastic envelope.

Phyllis Walton has now very kindly passed over for our safe keeping, all the manuscripts that she had acquired, when compiling her book, "A Walk Around Sherington". This has been most meticulously done, in the form of a diary, a photo album by Ernie Rickett and all of the original documents, pictures, drawings etc. that compiled into the book and correspondence from all the people not directly involved. This is most impressive. All these are contained in a lockable metal box, manufactured by the sheet metal company founded by John Alexander, and donated to the project. It is to be decided on how we should best present this to the village, but the original documents etc. must be preserved in their perfect condition, for all time. Phyllis also has decided that in event that SHS is wound up, that all her documents etc. shall go to Newport Library, I have signed an agreement to this effect.

Another photo album has been passed to us from David Mackay, this is a photographic record of the Queen's Golden Jubilee celebration in Sherington, most ably done. Very many thanks to David.

I have received two phone calls from Fred Niebel in Germany. He was so pleasantly surprised to receive our letter, that he fully intends to come over to England around the 9th 10th & 11th of May. This could be a memorable visit as we are to have our talk by Philip on the 11th May. (For those of you do not know, Fred was a POW at Sherington during 'Ze War!' )

There will an appeal in Scan for any further cine film or video footage of village activities. This could further add to the library of Peter's moving (movie) village archives.

A further book has been passed on to us by Philip from Caroline Ellis of Emberton. Thank you Caroline. This is family book about the lives of two local families the Meakins and the Mynards. It is called "Through My Mother's Eyes". Not strictly a Sherington book but both families have such local connections that it must be useful acquisition. We do still have some Mynards in the village. The book, all 300 pages of it, was written by Ronald, a member of the Meakins family. I also have had an E-mail, from Celia Renshaw, about 14 pages of history of the Umney/Nelson family. They have a window in the church and numerous burials in the churchyard, there is also still one family of Umneys in the village.

Now that we ARE established, we can advise people. I have had two visits from people in North Crawley, asking advice about setting up an Historical Society in their village. Peter Jefferey is the contact there and we had two very useful meetings, hopefully they will go ahead with the project and we will be of mutual benefit. Much of N Crawley's history is interwoven with Sherington's.

The last of volume three log book has now been transcribed, just the index to be done. The Originals can now be returned to the school, the log books cover a span from 1890 to 1986 almost a 100years, and the attendance to the two schools in Sherington, a school in Emberton, a spell in the village hall and a spell in the (Sunday) school room at the Chapel by the Knoll. I still feel that our recommendation is that the log books should go to Aylesbury Record Office. The early books are not in the best of condition and do need to be preserved. I will not start to transcribe the current log book at least until 2035.

The next meeting will be on April 13th. and will be a general meeting 'The Walk Around Sherington' documents will be available for you to look at.

Don't forget this is your newsletter, I will welcome your comments and anything you have to say about SHS.



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