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Dear Members,

May has been a quiet month despite the three important events that have taken place, namely the May Day celebrations on the Knoll, Philips 'Bygones' evening and the visit of Fred Niebel from Germany.

The May Day was very wet day for spectators and participants alike, it could so easily have been dry. Probably the wettest anyone can remember, BUT in the true spirit of Sherington the festivities went on the children danced in anoraks, the runners ran in a cooling shower, and the yard and half yards of ale were consumed to make the drinkers wet inside and out. I had to go home and put on dry clothes half way through the festivities.

Philips 'Bygones' evening ran true to form, the opening slides were anything but the right way round, but who cared, some people look better from the other side and others better down side up. We had an audience of over 40 people so the old maestro has not lost his magic and will continue to entertain us with lurid tales of Sherington's past. It is the audience participation that makes his talks so entertaining. Thank you Philip. Eileen Rose (West) has passed on to us yet another photo from the past, a picture, much worn, of her Great grandfather, Harry West riding past Tony Pilcher's house on the Knoll, on his old pony. (The latest mode of transport) Dated Circa 1890. A great picture.

The visit of Her Fred Niebel took place on the 12th, 13th and 14th of May. He was entertained during this time by various members of the Society and various members of the Sherington community. As an old soldier of 79 he was in great shape, he drove all the way from Stuttgart to Holland, then across the North sea by ferry to Hull then half way down England to Sherington. Lodging at a B & B in Mill Rod, Cranfield. He was also resident in a POW camp at Shalstone close by to Brackley and Silverstone.

The Edith Lucas notelets seem to be selling well, I have just received a phone call from the shop asking for more.

Please can I have the promise of some help for the flower festival day, our open day at the village hall on the 26th June.

Our next meeting is a general meeting on Tuesday the 8th June.


Stop Press :- Jean May Smith has been located. More of that next month.


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