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Dear Members,

Starting on a sad note that we pay our respects to Dennis (Snowy) Keech. He was not one of our members, but nevertheless he gave us some old photos of his family and his old cottage. And as a long term resident was always willing to give us the benefit of his Sherington knowledge. Condolences to his family R.I.P.

Reporting on our recent visit to MK Museum. Fourteen members enjoyed this evening visit to the Museum of Industry and Rural Life at Stacy Hill Farm. By the comments made to me after the visit, it proved to be one of the most enjoyable evenings that SHS has had. It was stated by all of the members who had not visited before this time, that they intended to go again and stay longer next time.

Bill Griffiths, the curator, manager, and only paid member of staff at the museum was bubbling over with enthusiasm for his "Baby". He was probably the best guide that is available for the museum tour so we were in the best hands. Our thanks also went to the two members of staff, the lady at the reception desk, and the lady who served us with tea, coffee and cakes, all home-made by the way. Both of whom were members of the volunteer staff.

The visit lasted a long hour and a half, it goes without saying that this was nowhere near long enough, but it did give a quick taste of what was on offer. Most of which was from the Victorian/Edwardian era. Through a drawing room, music room, school room, toy room, kitchen, scullery, wheelwrights shop. Onto a short street with a cobblers shop, a pub, chemists shop, stationery etc. etc. Then through to the transport and farm machinery and into the restaurant with the home made cakes. All enthusiastically described by Bill Griffiths.

The scarecrow weekend, which we hope to make into a permanent feature weekend, was not received too well, but after the last one, almost anything would be an ant-climax. But I have photographed ten extra members of the Sherington community that have not got birth certificates, maybe we should give them that right. All in various lounging attitudes except the one in the High Street who is doing a grand job, impersonating a policeman and I am told really having an effect on the speed of the traffic. A complete new family arrived in Crofts End namely the "Citizen Family" Emily, Callam, Amy and John.. A very sophisticated lady in a blue satin evening dress down in the corner of Carters, a young man in a cheque shirt and jeans, with short stumpy legs and arms, watching from a front garden in the entrance to Carters. Mrs Feasey had a Centurian guarding her front door. There were the two tramps, one female that gave Ray the Post a fright, leaning drunkenly over the Lych Gate and the other asleep by the bus shelter. Thank you to all who took part in this "little bit of fun".

Further to the Fred Niebel saga, we now have a photo of the infamous Jean May Smith (Bruch), supplied by Frank Greenaway, a well known North Crawley resident, who along with his wife, knew Jean very well. We also have another photo of Eugene Muth, known in NC as "Ivan". He was a resident along with his family in the NC area having stayed here and raised a family after his release from the POW camp.

Watching the progress of the new offices at Manor Farm they will soon be in occupation, bringing more trade to the village. Also watching the process of demolishing the unsafe parts of Mercers' Farm then going through the process of re-building, this is the sort of thing that has been going on all through the ages and has brought about the drastic work that is needed now. It is sad for the village that this has to happen, but probably beneficial in the long run, as modern technology will now save the building from total demolition. And the appearance to the street will only be marginally affected.

Following the hanging of the Sherington Embroidery and the success this has proved and the comments that have followed. SHS, has decided to publish Christmas cards, with the embroidery as a frontispiece. Samples have been shown to Enid and we now have her approval for the final design, which hopefully will be shown to the members at the September meeting and will be on sale in the shop in November. We are trying to make it into quite a nice glossy card. (At a coffee morning someone who shall remain nameless suggested it would make a good CALENDAR!!!!!!!!!! )

You have all no doubt noticed that the Swan is undergoing a major refurbishment. It now shows its face that has been hidden for many, many years. Part of the building is built of stone and part brickwork, which is in very poor condition. There have been numerous site meetings, but we still have no idea what is to happen with the façade. The inside, rumour has it that there is be one longer bar and 'Bistro' type décor. Keep watching this space.

Our next meeting will be on September 14th as there will be no meeting in August.



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