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Dear Members,

For those of you that I have not spoken to up until now, may I and your committee wish you all a Happy new Year and a peaceful one.

To start with I would like to express our sympathy to all affected by the earthquake and consequent Tsunami, in the far east. Following a short discussion on Tuesday last, at the meeting, Philip Smith proposed and seconded by myself, that we donate 100 to the Sherington appeal. This was carried without exception.

Secondly I wish to welcome Gail Wood, to our ranks, Gail has been deeply involved in tracing her family history for some time, and has on previous occasions threatened to join us but she has now taken the vast leap into the unknown and paid her subscription, welcome Gail.

The Milton Keynes car raffle this year raised 49, this has caused a disproportionate burden of work and worry on the shoulders of a very few members and so puts into question whether you the members think it is something we will wish to pursue for the coming year. Please let me know what you feel about this, the charity itself is not in question and the work that it does has been praised for helping several local organisations, so is extremely useful to the community. We could not raise enough people to sell at MK centre this year, hence the small amount raised. So should we be involved next time or not ?

The annual dinner has now come and gone. Thank you Kay for organising this function at the Swan, on our behalf. 14 members and wives sat down to a meal of their choice, nicely cooked and well presented. It was Philip's pleasure to say grace and make a short speech at the conclusion. A really enjoyable evening in our local pub.

Have any of you any thoughts on the articles that SHS puts into the SCAN magazine each month, about the content you would like to see included, any suggestions would be welcome. There will be a short article about the Rev Pretyman and his tomb this month, the vast mound of ivy and also a small tree have been removed. The tomb is now visible, the first time for number of year.

Ian Collinge has sent me a whole list of projects to do for the web-site. It is amazing the amount of work that still needs to be done, to bring the site up to scratch. Jobs I thought we had completed, but that now need bringing up to date, or adding to the content, or even some missed out completely. I stated at the last meeting we had now up-graded the church tour it is now quite spectacular and that we are pleased with it. But it was pointed out that the tower and clock etc. had been completely left out, how disgraceful is that. This will be rectified.

Your committee has sorted out a programme for the following year, which includes a 'Bygones Evening', a 'Film Show' 'The Village Fete' in June, an open day, and a walk round Sherington, with a difference. And of course your end of year party, and "Celebratory" AGM with wine and nibbles etc. (and Kay notches up another year then). Please, this is an important occasion do your best to be there at the AGM .Tuesday 8th March. There will be short talk by N.A. afterwards, nothing too boring, so don't let it deter you, please.

We have been able, through E-Bay, (the Internet auction site) to purchase a copy of Phyllis Walton's book "A Walk Around Sherington" this will be for sale shortly along with our other books, cards, notelets etc. If any of you do see in your travels any Sherington memorabilia, that you feel other Sheringtonians might like, please either purchase this and we will buy from you or advise your committee and they can do the buying. Not to make a profit, but to keep the items circulating, and as a service to interested people. Mark is well on the way to producing the draft of the second edition of this publication, with Phyllis's blessing and adding her 'Lost' corrections.

The theme for the Village Fete this year will be Family History, this has been prompted by the so extremely successful series on the BBC television "Who Do You Think You Are". I spent a very enjoyable 3 hours at MK local archive centre on their open day, in December 2004, answering questions, but mainly encouraging people to carry on their research after coming to the inevitable ' Brick Wall'. There is always somewhere else to try. Family research seems to be the largest growing popular subject in the public's mind just now. Most of the enquiries we are getting on the Internet are for information on past Sherington families.

For the fete we need to make up a few family trees, so I would be grateful if you people with old family connections would jot down some notes. Also, I know this is difficult, but I really could do with some full-time help on the stall this year. How about a commitment from one of you.

Your yearly subscriptions are also due this month, Pearl will be pleased to accept your money, or any of the committee will oblige.

The next meeting will be in the village hall at 8pm on Tuesday 8th February 2005.


Have YOU anything to add to your monthly newsletter.?


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