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Dear Members,

Starting on a very sad note, we have to pass on our condolences to Kay, whose father passed away on Wednesday 20th April. RIP.

Also we note that Enid has been hospitalised for a number of days, we trust you will be made well soon and be back amongst us, Enid.

The news of late was the Bygones Evening, this did not pass off without incident, although started well enough with Philip doing his usual well rehearsed ad-libbing about the lifetime of experiences that Sherington has thrown his way. Comes the time to show the much anticipated slides to be greeted with a loud bang and the first slide (which should have been the last) shot out sideways and no more would show, despite the rehearsal that had taken place earlier. A hasty dash to the store room by your chairman, a different projector and a new carousel was obtained and the change over effected. All this time, some 15 minutes in all, Philip was really busy doing some real ad-libbing, never at a loss for a story or risqué tale, Philip... Come the end of the evening all who took part were congratulated for a splendid show including the fiasco in the middle, "All part of a village evenings entertainment " we were assured.... We had about 32 members and friends in the audience a decent enough turnout SAQ took £14 on the door, the raffle went well with a profit of £27 and £8-21 contributed towards the refreshments. Altogether another lovely villagey evening.

The Fete now looms close and we have been asked to produce a quiz, designed for the villagers and non-villagers alike. This your committee has now done, with 32 questions about the village and its environs. Thank you Kay, Mark Pearl and Sheila, for your work in producing a very interesting 32 question quiz. And to Mark for printing over 800 quiz sheets, and to Norman for folding them. As you will all know by now our theme is "Family History" the stall will entitled." Who Do You Think Your Ancestors Were". If any of you have anything that might be suitable material to show we would be most grateful. We also have some volunteers to man the stall, but more would be welcome. As far as I know the stall will be as last time and be in approximately the same position, (By the beer tent and by the food tent).

We have had some success with a bit of sleuthing, a Margaret Sedgwick found out that her ancestors lived at the Gables, in the High St. by looking on our web-site and seeing our Gables picture there. Margaret subsequently sent us a photo of the Gables dated circa 1910 and a picture of a young lady looking at a grave, but did not know where or whose grave it was. We have through some investigation found the grave in Emberton, and sent her details of the grave, inscription and also some photos. Result, a delighted Margaret Sedgwick. She has promised to come to see us on fete day.

We will, hopefully, be selling copies of Caroline Leslies five seasons paintings, in the form of very attractive notelets, at the fete and subsequently at the village shop, also the Edith Lucas notelets and large laminated copies of the Sherington embroidery will be on sale. With some other SHS things as well. There is a little job for some one, who would like to run a little shop for the afternoon of the fete ?

The web-site is still being up-dated by Ian Collinge. Two pages have been added to the village tour about Hill view and the POW camp. The latest addition are the notes on Park Road , written by Gail Wood, with some old pictures and an aeriel view taken by Gail in the 1980s. (Yes she has wings) We are still in the same position, 3rd in the web-site hits list, behind Olney, and their Cowper's Museum and Hanslope and their Squire's murder. Both are larger villages and consequently have a lot more ex-inhabitants, which is where most of the hits come from.

The highly amusing "SCARECROW COMPETITION" will again be run in the weeks leading up to the fete. We would hope to see you all taking part in this, find those old clothes that look like you and get them on display, in the most outlandish pose you can think of. I am sure Philip will give you some useful advice, as he and Tom usually think of some strange places and poses for their contributions.

At our next general meeting on the 10th May Brian Hansford will be telling us about his memories of childhood days spent in close association with the residents of Sherington. I am sure that all who have lived in Sherington for more that a few years will know Brian, he was our very caring local councillor for many years. Marion and Brian now live in Filgrave, right on the borders of our parish. And still visits at any opportunity. There will also be a few bottles of wine to be consumed, bring a friend if you wish, but it will not be advertised as an open evening. This will be one just for us and there will be very little formal business, I promise.

P.S Your comments and suggestions are more than welcome.



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