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12TH February, 2001. – Village Hall

Present: Norman Arnold, Anita Arnold, Jess Line, Sheila Line, Don Macfarlane, Irene Macfarlane, Mark Vale, Mick Tofts, Sue Tofts, Kay Turrell, Oliver Powell & Sheila Quinn.

Apologies: Gail Waters, Howard Dalton Alan & Anne Barber, & Enid Pepper

Guest: Mike Haslam

NA welcomed new members, Mr.&Mrs. Macfarlane and guest, Mike Haslam. We also have another new member, Steve Bourton, who was unable to attend.

Douglas Stephen Vale: The first official photo of the new arrival, as published in the Citizen, on January 31st 2002.

Philip Smith Photo’ Albums: NA has copied photographs from Philip Smith’s Village Reunion & family albums. Copying of PS photograph collection is an ongoing project as he has an extensive collection gathered over many years. To date, over 940 photos have been copied, from various sources!!

The Barn: NA contacted English Heritage to see if they would be interested in relocating and rebuilding the barn once it has been demolished. They only gave him two long distance telephone numbers (no contact names) but otherwise did not seem interested in following the matter any further. We have now decided that we have explored as many avenues as we can or want to and that a line should now be drawn under the whole matter.

Millennium Photographic Project: This first phase of the project is complete. Conceived about 1999 started early in 2002, this simple task completed by Feb 2002. The many pages now need to be electronically copied & stored. NA thanked Mike & Sue Tofts for completing the Perry Lane area. There are 2 photos left in the camera to be developed, but the job is done. (never again). Approximately 79% of the village took part in the project. A statistic sheet is available.

Filing System: NA & SAQ are working on the filing system. A system has been devised, it remains to be seen as to whether it will really work.

New additions:

Some May Day photographs (year possibly 1997) from Barbara Gotts.

Sheila Line has donated a copy of Phyllis Loxley’s St. Lauds Recipe Book, C1995 that will go into the archives.

Mike Haslam has donated some copies of old newspaper cuttings, relating to the Feasey & Harding families, (his family interests).

2 photographs of the Boys v Girls Football Match C1965 has been received. We have all the names of the boys and most of the girl’s names. The pictures & the names came by E-mail from Russell Donnelly.

Citizen newspaper advert (1998) for the sale of The Manor also Citizen newspaper articles regarding a mysterious tombstone in the Graveyard.The grave was

later discovered to be that of Dr. J. Cheyne. donated by Sue & Mike. This also includes a poor quality photo of Dr. John Cheyne, the only one we have.

Norman has "liberated" some files, photos & documents (and even a letter from the Mayor Edward Ellis, congratulating Sherington on a successful re-enactment of the Burying the Hatchet ceremony, 1995) from the recent clearout by the Parish Council from the Village Hall office. It had all been consigned to the dustbin, despite a request to let us have anything of interest. None of the files appear to be of a sensitive nature!

Mick & Sue Tofts have purchased a set of Sherington Pictorial Plates and brought them to the meeting for the members to see. They are of remarkably good quality. The Society has a copy of the advertisement that was sent to various households in the village.

Treasurer: Mark Vale reported that we now have a balance of £1,005. & a few coppers. This is extremely cheering.

Website: Mark reported that the Monumental Inscriptions are now sorted by surname of the deceased & are on the website. The censuses for 1841-51-61& 91 are on the website. Andrew Waters is transcribing the 71 & 81 censuses. Also a "last updated" date now appears on some pages where necessary. To point out to visitors, how current the information they are viewing is.

Secretary: SAQ pointed out the information regarding the Community VW Car raffle that she had put on the (Yes we now have a new one) notice board. She reported that SHS had sold 256 tickets, giving us an income of £128. SAQ will collect the cheque at a reception on Monday 4th March, when the car will be presented to the lucky winner, unfortunately not one of us! Better luck next time.

A number of archives were laid out on the tables and members spent the remainder of the meeting browsing through them, drinking tea & coffee & engaging in sparkling conversation.


Meeting closed at 10pm. The next meeting on March 12th. will be the AGM please do your best to attend, if you have anything you wish to bring to our notice or complain about please give details to Mark, Sheila or Norman, so that it can be put onto the agenda. Or note it down to bring up on AOB. This meeting will also be used to finalise the setting up of the Village Hall for the March 16th.



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