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Dear Members,

Firstly I would like to wish Enid a speedy recovery, we miss you., Enid. Sherington is not the same.

Once again I have to report that we had a fantastic general meeting on the 10th of May. An unexpected talk was given to us by Brian Hansford, arranged by Pearl, our thanks go to Pearl for that. It was also unexpected by Brian. But then so often these informal arrangements turn out the best. Brian was heard talking about his childhood with the Watkins boys from Sherington and association with Yew Tree Farm.. He was then asked by Pearl if he would talk to us and after a glass of wine or two graciously said yes.

His time with Sherington was during the 1950s and 1960s, when life was still extremely rural but was about to change for ever, he can still remember the horse drawn implements used for farm work, when horsepower meant just that. Names that kept repeating Gardners, Bortons, Odells, (ironmongers from Newport were important to all in Sherington,) Lines, Burgesses and Travagalionis. (Ex POW )

The tale of the farmer who purchased a tractor and stabled it in a barn and left it there.(Might still be there) Or the other tale of the plowman, learning how to drive a tractor put it straight in the ditch, it would not obey his frantic shouted commands of "Whoa, whoa ".

The fact that people during the post-war shortages, would cycle from Stony Stratford and beyond for half a pound of tomatoes, sold from the Manor, and grown at the nurseries.

We had two other stalwarts Jesse Line was able to help out when Brian's memory failed him and of course as the complete back-up Philip was there to add further weight to this expose˘ of Sherington. Altogether the most enjoyable hour and a quarter, three way talk on rural life, from three old country men.. We have an excellent CD recording of this evening, thanks to Ollie's skills with the computer.

This was also the last regular meeting that Don and Irene will attend, their move down to the south coast will take place at the end of the month. We shall miss their regular attendance and also their help at any and all shows that we have put on…. DON and IRENE we wish you well and many happy years in your new home in Ringwood. Thank you both. The society presented them with a specially printed Edith Lucas card (The Knoll) signed by all who were present

The fete now looms large on the horizon, I feel we have now most things organised, all that we do need is a very warm sunny day, and enough people attending to make it a success. The Fete Quiz is totally organised, the quiz sheets are printed (thanks to Mark's boss). We would like as many of you as possible to at least spend a short time on the stall, to give the regulars a spell to look around the fete or have a drink and some food. But it's the weather that will be the deciding factor.

Philip is running his Scarecrow event again, it is open to you all, young and old, this is to be an annual event. We would like it to make the headlines in Milton Keynes. That police man last year, was a great feature, did almost make the National Dailies. Lets have whole regiment of them, he was a great help to people trying to cross the High Street. There will be prize for the bestest of em.. may even be booby prize. The judging will take place the week before the fete, so have your effigies out the weekend prior to the fete.

The scarecrows will then make their way to the fete to stand in an area in the manor grounds known as SCARY ALLEY for all to see on the day. Please publicise this as much as you can. Philip will be holding a "How To Do It" workshop prior to the fete and will have all the necessary forms etc.

We are still number three in the MK hits list with 11,979 hits in February, over 5,000 hits in front of the next on the list, the top half dozen popular enquiries were about Umneys, Feasey Fazy Feazey Feasy Feazy, Mary's, Elliott, Hardwick & Keech. We had in February several enquiries by E-mail about these families. Our web-pages are still growing, an article by Gail about Park Road and new pages about the POW camp and Hill View were added in March. But still the most popular enquiries were about the censuses.

Your secretary has received an enquiry about the dates we would prefer to sell tickets at CMK. We did not sell at CMK last year as not enough people were able to help. Maybe with this amount of notice we can rustle up 4 willing souls to do a half day shift at this popular shopping centre. It is for such a good cause and we benefit also.

We had an internet enquiry about a Sherington family name Austin, then a visit from a group of three persons attached to the Austin family. Two from Kettering and one, David Austin, all the way from the south of France They were given an audience with Philip who could provide them with a flavour of the Austins in Sherington, and then they were taken on a short conducted tour of the village ending in the White Hart for their lunch, for which they were most grateful. They went on their way singing our praises and promising more communication. Its something that Sherington can do very well for our visitors and it costs us nothing, welcome, friendly hospitality.

Our next meeting will be a general meeting at the village hall on 14th June at 8pm.



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