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Dear Members,

There is not a lot to write about during this time at the end of the Summer break.

First of all a correction to June's newsletter, mentioned to me by several of our more mature residents. About ‘Far Farm’, it seemed that I gave the impression that to get to the farm one would have to walk across planks of wood. What I intended to say that from the farm the shortest way into Newport was across a bridge called ‘The Planks’ the children from the farm would use this route to get to school in Newport.. But the main drive entrance was from the Bedford/ Newport Road there being a long drive to the farm buildings across two fields, the entrance was from Chicheley Hill approximately opposite the entrance to Sherington Village via the Bedford Road.

We have had e-mails from people connected to various old Sheringtonians. From two separate descendants of the Ivester-Lloyds, from members of the Pretyman family, 2 enquiries about Mynards, one about Paul Mann, an enquiry about the Sherington woodyard. AND someone wishing to hire a field off Perry Lane ???? Strange.

We are still second in the ‘Hits Parade’ with 12,382 hits. For August. Olney, with the Cowper & Newton museum are still tops with 14,232.

We had a very good “Stagger Around Sherington”. Nine members attended and were treated to some colourful tales of the goings on in and around our local pubs, open and closed, especially the White Hart and the Crown and Castle. We all felt a need for sustenance and bottles were duly opened at various places that the tour thought appropriate. Finishing up in the hall for more beer and nibbles.

Don’t forget that it will be our open day on October 1st 12 noon until 5pm. Try to persuade all your friends to come and see us, we will have all our files on view, but we do still need to get more information on the farms. Caroline will be showing some of her art work. There will be a raffle and refreshments. and ‘Tis Free.

The meeting on October 11th will be Peter’s film show, open to all at £1-00 per person, free to members.



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