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Dear Members,

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR, and trust that you all had a good Christmas.

I am sorry that this is a little late, but it does get a bit busy before the holiday time and the end of the month came far too soon..

Our next meeting in January on Tuesday 10th, will be a general meeting to discuss the coming year, We would like to receive any further suggestions to the programme for this year 2006. Your committee has a skeleton programme arranged with some outside visits and a couple of entertainment evenings, these will be circulated to you all at the next meeting in the form of a booklet, (as last year).

The Christmas party was as good as ever and we did have a goodly number of people enjoying themselves. It was nice to see that some members did bring their partners. And once again a big thank you to Enid for organising the games to help the evening along, thank you Enid we know you went to considerable lengths to make up those games. While we are in a thanking mode, thank you to Anita and Kay for the catering side of things during the year and to all of you who help with the washing up etc. And to ALL of you for your help and encouragement during the past year.

Kay and I are slowly getting the SHS files together in some sort of order, but it will take just us two some considerable time. If any of you can spare an hour or two, we could do with some more helpers. Just sorting through the books/archives that we have, to make sure that the data is in the right file and to make a note of it so that when we come to make our computer filing system, nothing is left out.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 10th January 2006 at 8pm. In the village hall.


P.S. Just a reminder that your 2006 subs are now due, as from 31 st Dec. 2005..


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