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Dear Members,

Those present at the AGM meeting,

Pearl Teasedale, Mark vale, Anita & Norman Arnold, Les Milne, Gail Waters, Sheila Quinn, Don & Irene Macfarlane, Enid Pepper, Kay Turrell & Ollie Powell.

I will not dwell on this as it was a good meeting that went off very well. Very little changed except the constitution, you will all be getting a new updated version of this as soon as can be arranged. The additional amendments briefly are, your committee will be able to co-opt a member to the committee as the need arises, & also can bestow honorary membership as it thinks fit.

We thought that the two most likely candidates for Hon. membership would be Philip Smith & Peter Gardner, both have done good things for the SHS, & both have the greater interests of the village in their hearts. Consequently the meeting agreed that they should both be granted honorary membership. Ironically both presented their membership fees before we could get the letters out to them Thank you Philip & Peter. Also welcome to Alice Gardner, Ted Pepper & Vic Moxham who have now also joined our ranks, we are now nearly 30 in number. Congratulations all round.

March the 16th, our open day for this year. Was, we think, the best ever, despite my gloomy predictions & the ghastly Friday weather. John cook gave the opening speech welcoming us all & extending a welcome to Brian Lampen from Bucks FHS. Thank you John & Brian.

We had the large embroidery from Enid’s band of ladies which was a huge success, a crowd round it all afternoon. The website book was a great attraction along with the Son et Lumiere video & the computer with the photo show, always had a people viewing. The Millenium project also had people queuing up to look for their family page. The rest of our archives were being studied all the time, it was a great afternoon thank you to all of you who were able to help make it a success. 60 people were counted at one time, in the hall together. We would estimate that over 100 people attended throughout the afternoon. It was also good to see that the visitors were able to find enough to interest them & so they stayed, in some cases the whole afternoon.

Thank you to all who helped on the day, Anita, Sheila, Mark & Jessica,, Enid, Don, Irene, Pearl, Helen & Douglas.

Weddings, we have had a fair response to our continuing appeal for wedding photos, orders of service & weddings memorabilia. About a dozen or more up to date. Including 3 from Eileen West, that is the old West family, not the current Eileen West in School lane. These include a photo of old Charlie West, who finished his days in the small cottage next to the Post Office. (Rose Cottage). We will keep the wedding appeal going in the Scan for another month or so, so any of you with Sherington Weddings please contribute.

Scan. It was voted for at the AGM & accepted, that SHS should donate £25-00 to the Scan funds. This will help along the goodwill that has developed between us & the editorial staff of Scan, even though it has recently changed & fallen now onto Betty Feasey’s shoulders.

Exhibitions, Following the AGM & the exhibition, it was felt that it was time to cast around for our 4th committee member. The job for just 3 members, meant that we could not hold a committee meeting without all 3 officers being present & this has created problems. So we have now been able to co-opt Pearl as our 4th member. It will help relieve the pressure on the other 3. Pearl will be a great help, her job will be to be behind us as a prop & help out at the busy times. Thank you Pearl.

Continuing on this theme, we have been asked by the MK Heritage Ass. to take part in an exhibition to take place in Middleton Hall CMK. in the middle of next month. This is to publicise the Heritage Ass. & all of the small groups that are in the association, some 30 in number, our brief is to put together one or two 4ft x 2 ½ ft publicity boards for our village of Sherington, to consist of pictures & a minimum of text. It will depend on how many of the groups take part as to how many boards we have to fill. We have been to 2 meetings about this so far, all at extremely short notice & all with very little guidance from MKHA. We have put together this now & will submit at the next Heritage meeting on Tues. 26th March. Then it will be down to their editorial staff & printers to make some cohesive sense of it all. The problem was not what to include, but which to leave out. Also the time scale has not allowed for any consultation amongst the committee or the members. So we will all be interested to see the final printed results. The stand in CMK will need some volunteers to help out on the 3 days of the exhibition FRI, SAT, SUN,- 19, 20 & 21 April. If any of you would be able to do this, let me know please.

Synopsis of Data Aquired.

More than a dozen marriage picture & orders of service etc.

Several more families in the Village People Book.

3 buildings in the Domesday Book.

Photos of March 16th exhibition, also some from earlier in the year.

Various documents from the village activities etc.

Set of documents for the conveyancing of the "Quakers Cottages" Water Lane.

More old Sherington pictures, from various sources.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 9th April at 8 pm in the Village Hall

The following meeting will be on Tuesday May 14th 8pm in the Village Hall

The following meeting will be Philip Smith’s "Walk & Talk" on Tuesday 11th June.

This is your newsletter, have you anything to say ?


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