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Dear Members,

I am sorry that this newsletter is late in arriving and also that it will be a short one. Due to circumstances beyond my control.

Firstly our next major event, namely our OPEN DAY SHOW on Saturday September 30th is rapidly coming upon us. We have been promised a good quantity of pictures and paintings from various people around the village and from members. This has now secured the quality of the exhibits, we should be able to choose from a good selection, the types of exhibits from each artist. But we do still need more to guarantee the quantity. A healthy situation to be in. We have formed a small sub-committee of three Kay, Caroline and myself taking the minor role. (for once). Now if any of you has a picture, painting or article that they would be willing to loan for the day, would you please contact either of the three named people, so that we can make a note of you and what you have to loan. Or if you have contacted some one from outside the SHS who is willing to loan, please check and again let one of the three names above know.

We shall be setting up from after bowls on Friday 29th September. But will need help on the Saturday morning from 9-30 am onwards, so any help you can give will be welcome.

We will be putting posters up in the village and the surrounding villages will be circulated, intending to try to get notices in Around The Villages, (Citizen), The Olney PostBox, the local libraries. And by word of mouth. We are going to some considerable effort with this exhibition so we need a lot of visitors. Entry as always will be free.

We had a visitor at our last meeting Sheila Gribble who was, now Mrs Bailey. Who was so excited to find that I had been contacted by her old school friend Valerie, (1939-1943) who now lives in Spain, we hope to get these two in contact with one another.

The transcribing of the admissions registers is still ongoing, it is a long job and the above Open Day has taken priority.

The voice recorder has been tested and will now prove invaluable for meetings and interviews etc. It is available for all to use.

A couple of weeks back I was asked to look at a small clock in a bungalow in Leys View. It turned out to be in Jim & Rene Steddons bungalow, while I was there I asked their niece if there were any of Rene's paintings that I could borrow for our Open Day. We now have 20 of her oil paintings to choose a representation from. Just a chance meeting that we could have missed for ever.

The Scare crow competition is done and dusted. With the winners all being notified and the child winners being given vouchers for 3-00 & 2-00 to spend in Virginia House Store on what ever they wish, or parents will allow. A fuller account of this will appear in Philip' s MEANTIME. And there is a file of photos showing each Scarecrow. The quality was just so good this year it was almost impossible to judge a winner. In the event we had to declare three categories, Adults, Children and one in between for combined efforts. This brings me on to next years competition and to help with the judging there will be just one category and entries will be judged as family entries. So that it will be judged as a combined parent/child scarecrow entry.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 11th July at 8pm in the village hall, and no doubt we will be talking about the open day.



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