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Dear Members,

Firstly an abject apology for missing out the July Newsletter and almost this one, but about the time the July one was due to drop through your letterbox I went on holiday for 2 weeks and then, I forgot all about it. I hope that you all had an enjoyable summer break soaking up all the lovely weather that we have been having.

But now back into the routine. We have co-opted onto your committee Caroline, we wanted her on board of a sub-committee to help with the art side of the annual open day exhibition, as she was already looking after the art file archives. And may I say doing it extremely well. So it made sense to have her on the committee as well, this, with her arm a long way up her back she fmally agreed to. Welcome to the committee Caroline. This now makes a committee of six people.

So Kay, Caroline and I are now beavering away trying to put together this extremely difficult show that we have taken on. The whole problem is that we have such a short time to assemble all the exhibits we have been promised, just an hour on Friday evening after the Bowls Club have fmished and 3 hours on Saturday morning. Then just an hour and a half to dis-assemble after the show, as the hall is again booked for 6-30 by another party.

You can see by this that we have very little time to spare, and we would appreciate all the help we can muster from all members, certainly on the Saturday morning to put this show together, and again between 5 and 6-30 to take it to pieces and return all the promised art work to their rightful owners.

This show has snowballed to such an extent that it is now really too large for a one day show, we have been so overwhelmed by the amount of pictures etc. that we have been offered that in retrospect we should either not have attempted it or stretched it into at least a two day affair, But we had no idea that there was such a vast amount of talent in the village.

Gail, Kay and I have been wading through the archive folders trying to put them into some sort of order, mostly chronological. But the buildings books are going into road order and then each road into numerical order. This is going to take Gail and Kay several weeks to do. Then afterwards to photograph all of the buildings in the village hours of photographing and then the subsequent printing and fixing into the books. Then loading onto the computer. Thanks go to both Gail and Kay for the hours that they have already spent doing this task.

Don't forget the group visit to The Tom Ivester-Lloyd exhibition that Kay has organised for us. A case of making your own way there and meeting at about 2-30 pm to be shown around by the curator, and possibly seeing some exhibits not on view to the general public. Thomas Ivester-Lloyd was famous for his dioramas, these he did for all manner of organisations, probably most notable were the Great British Empire Exhibition of 1924, and Vauxhall motors. His work was shown all over the world, including New York.

We are still in third place in the hits onto our web-site, despite going up to second for one month but also going down to fourth for one month. Ian is doing absolute wonders for us on the designing of our web pages, he also keeps reminding me when I forget to pass on the Scan articles, minutes and newsletters and all the other bits and pieces that are necessary to keep the pages up to date. Thank you lan. We are still getting congratulatory e-mails about the quantity of information that we can pass on to "Customers".

The society has also purchased a Gazebo, at a very good price about 3 metres square, this means that we will not, in future have a problem when we wish to set up a stall on the Knoll May-day or any other day. It will not be large enough for the fete or events of that size but it will help.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 12 September at 8 pm in the village hall, to discuss our open day. Please do your best to be there.



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